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What is 5G technology? - Everything You Need to Know About 5G in 2022

What is 5G technology? - Everything You Need to Know About 5G

The 5G generation network, or what is known as 5G, is a new global wireless network that came in the same series as the previous known networks
What is 5G technology? - Everything You Need to Know About 5G

Communication networks differ, there is the second generation network, the third generation and the fourth generation, and recently a new type of network has been created and introduced, which is the 5G generation network, and because this network is new, there is not much information available about it, which may help to understand it and understand the services provided by this network. In this article, we will discuss all the information related to the 5G generation network, and we will learn about the types of phones that provide this technology, in addition to that we will explain solutions to the most important problems related to the 5Ggeneration network.

5G technology is responsible for transmitting and delivering larger amounts of data at very high speeds, with less response time, and with high reliability. In addition to massive network operations, increased availability, and a more regular user experience for more users around the world. High performance and better efficiency enable a new experience of multi-channel connectivity and connectivity

How does 5G technology work?

  • This network is a mobile and non-fixed technology, as well as sophisticated and scalable.
  • Companies began publishing this network not long ago, as it began in mid-2019, and now, two years after this step, many people own phones with 5G network services.
  • This technology has been launched to provide many of the services that mobile phone users need, as it works to meet all requests related to communication tasks.
  • The 5G generation network depends on a frequency vector that is very similar to the frequency vectors of the third and fourth generation networks, in addition to the fact that the ratio of this frequency vector is about 3.5 GHz.
  • This network carrier will greatly help you to use the aerial sites without having to add new ones.
  • The 5G generation network, or the next generation, as it is called, provides a high bandwidth through which you can conduct all your communications easily and more reliably, in addition, it will be extremely fast and a hundred times faster than the fourth generation network.
  • Also, this network relies heavily on smart antennas called MIMO antennas, and it is these smart antennas that allow for higher levels of flow and enable the network to bypass the 4G network, and the reason for this is that these antennas consist of a large number of miniature antennas.
  • As for how these antennas work, they depend on radio waves in order to be able to move, and these waves are transmitted while using the network only, unlike the unsmart or classic antennas as you know, the classic antennas broadcast all the time without stopping.
  • 5G technology will bring greater usage ranges, by expanding the use of spectrum resources, starting from the sub-3 GHz frequency used in 4G networks, to 100 GHz and higher.
  • The 5G network can operate in the low bands (sub-6 GHz) as well as millimeter waves at higher frequencies (24 GHz and higher), which will come with maximum capacities. In addition, it has a multi-Gigabit-per-second transmission rate, and a low response time.
  • The 5G network is not designed to transmit data at higher speeds, or a greater range of services for mobile networks compared to only 4G networks. Rather, it is designed to expand for use in new services such as mission-critical communications and the provision of IoT infrastructure.
  • The reason for controlling the duration of the waves broadcasting and the duration of their pauses, the average power consumption will be reduced to about half and you will conserve the power of your device.
  • The 5G network uses much higher frequencies than any other network, and these frequencies may reach 26 GHz, and this ratio is used most often with fast radars, security systems at gates, and so on.
  • The company is working on developing the network continuously, and the company is now discussing the possibility of adding new miniature antennas. These antennas cover the unseen areas or some of these areas.
  • As for the risk of cancer due to these waves, after many reliable scientific studies and research, it was concluded that there is no danger to the health of the individual.
  • Huge money was spent on the 5G generation network for its development, and the rate of spending reached billions, in addition, the private sector was not spared from this as well, and participated in a huge amount of money for this project.

What country is using the 5G network?

  • That is, South Korea remains the world leader in the 5G generation network, while Switzerland tops the list of European countries supporting the network.
  • Omdia built a statistic based on five key metrics based on data going back to the first quarter of the year. Thanks to the progress made by Sunrise, small European countries were able to overtake Kuwait with 426 cities and towns with at least 80% of 5G connectivity and then The number expanded to 535 sites by May.
  • Swisscom is its main competitor and has already achieved its goal of covering 90% of network connectivity.
  • But Omdia also mentioned that the availability of its devices remains limited, which has limited people's access to the benefits of 5G.
  • More precisely, South Korea currently counts about 5.88 million devices equipped with 5G technology, which is about 10% of all devices used in the country.
  • While Switzerland tops the list of European countries supporting the network, Britain ranks second in Europe.
  • Omdia has acknowledged that the UK government is investing in supporting Gigabit networks locally in the country, and has promised a £1.1 billion digital connectivity package, including £400 million in infrastructure to support investment in new fixed and mobile networks.
  • Among the European Union members, Germany and Finland are also making significant progress in supporting the 5G network.

What are the benefits of 5G?

  • The advantages of this network are that it is very fast and you will easily be able to download a high-quality video within a few seconds through this network.
  • The 5G generation network is considered one of the most important economic building blocks, as the European Commission stated that this building block will contribute significantly to the operations of the digital economy and will greatly help society later on, as it is very important.
  • The network enhances and develops artificial intelligence and computing as well, because the network will process an infinite amount of data in the least time that a human can imagine.
  • The 5G generation network will help accelerate the digital transformation process for all companies and sectors. Whatever the sector, it will resort to digital transformation and thus the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Despite the fears that control many people because of the idea of ​​hacking the 5G generation network, there is no need to worry at all, as this matter is being worked on so that the network is protected and no one can hack it because of the systems that reside within it.
  • The first phones with the 5G generation network were launched last September in the continent of Europe, and at the same time it was announced that the infrastructure of this network had been completely completed in a good number of countries.
  • Although the network was launched a short time ago, it has spread greatly and companies are now racing to cover this network, there are more than twenty countries that want to introduce this network to them.
  • Because of the rapid spread of this network, all statistics indicate that only a short period will pass, and one in three will own a 5G generation network.

What is the disadvantage of 5G?

Many people believe that the more waves and antennas, whether smart or classic, the health risks will increase.
  • network volatility
In many reports from different parts of the world, the 5G connection is unstable, the average 4G network speed is about 20 Mbps, while the 5G connection speed can reach 500 Mbps, it does not exceed 100 Mbps per second in many cases.

It all depends on the percentage of electromagnetic radiation that will be produced by the new network. Statistics have confirmed that the higher the percentage of radiation, the greater the danger. Therefore, the new network should be emitting less radiation.
  • very high cost
Taking an example from China, the minimum 5G package is 129 yuan ($20) per month.

This package provides 30 GB of data and 500 minutes of voice calls.

  • The current 5G package is still in the early stages of implementation and therefore operators are expected to reduce their fees over time.

  • In addition to the above factors, 5G coverage will directly affect the user experience, as the coverage of 5G base stations is much lower than the coverage of previous 3G and 4G stations, a 4G base station can cover up to one kilometer, and a 3G base station can cover up to To 5 km, when it comes to 5G base station, the coverage area is only about 300 meters, that means countries need a lot of 5G base stations.

  • Taking an example from China, in order to popularize 4G networks, it has built about 3.4 million base stations. This is 68% of the global total. These stations are only located in major cities. This means that rural areas only get 3G and 2G networks. Because the cost is very high, the initial investment cost of a 4G base station is about 100,000 yuan ($15,286) For a 5G base station, that cost is about 600,000 yuan ($91,717).

I don't know if 5G is working or not

As we explained to you earlier, the 5G generation network does not work unless you are close to one of the communication stations.
If you are sure that you have a 5G network on your phone, it will appear at the top in the notification bar.
If the network is working, the 5G sign will appear, and if it does not work, this sign will not appear, of course, as it may appear, but with a sign indicating an error or malfunction.

I can't buy the new 5G card

As mentioned earlier, in order to activate the 5G network on your phone, you must get a new card, but in case you have an old card, you can do the following to activate the 5G network:

Contact the carrier of the SIM card.

Inform the company that you want to activate the 5G generation network on the card, and if the company provides this service, it will be activated easily, but if it does not provide it, this means that you must purchase another card.

The 5G generation network and health status

Do you think that if I activate the 5G services, this will affect my health? There are many questions on the minds of many people, but you should know that:

If this network was really dangerous then global organizations would have never approved of it.
In addition, all the statements that have been made are baseless, and even if you do not use the network, you will still be surrounded by waves and radiation of the second, third, and fourth generation network, so there is no need for this concern unless the days prove otherwise.