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Download Hao Browser 123 for PC and mobile for free on the desktop

Download Hao Browser 123 Hao for PC, Android and iPhone for free with a direct link

Hao Browser

Internet browsers 123hao is one of the basic programs on any computer and it must be present so that the user can enter the Internet, browse websites, communicate with his friends or relatives, or even browse the news or do anything else. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browser,If you are using a browser and want to change it to another browser and cannot choose, today we will present to you the Hao123 browser, which is considered one of the oldest and best Internet browsers on the scene. Browser 123 is unique and includes many useful features and many features, in addition to that It has a simple interface and is considered one of the best browsers interfaces. It appears in the form of fragmented and divided lists in an order and any user can deal with it and use the browser with ease.

Over time, everything new appears in programs, applications and browsers as well, which makes it much easier for users and helps them to quickly deal with their devices and communicate quickly over the Internet, and browsers have evolved greatly to suit users and provide them with their different needs, and Hao123 browser is one of those browsers Which has evolved a lot and saved a lot for users, as this browser has better and greater features that make dealing with it more fun and exciting, and this is what we will present in this article from different information about Hao123, its features and importance, and explain how to download it as well.

What is Hao 123?

  • Hao123 Browser was created with the aim of modernizing from traditional browsers which have been in use for many years and do not fully serve the desired goals.
  • This browser was launched by Baidu, the most famous Chinese company, which took into account the ease, speed and accuracy of the Hao browser. It was established in May 1999. This site is the first website directory on the Internet in China.
  • How 123's website has evolved significantly and over time it has become one of the most popular websites that have received the first brand of Websites Online Directory Sites.
  • This browser has gained great fame, as it has become used by many who are interested in dealing with new programs, applications, and browsers, and those who want to change, renew, and excel.
  • How 123 Browser includes many features that make it compete with other browsers and make it the best among them.
  • This program is similar to Firefox, which has similar features with this program with minor differences in some settings and tools. This program also works to compete with other programs and browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and other programs.
  • How 123 is one of the programs that facilitate the quick and easy search process on any site, whether scientific, sports or other sites, where the main objective of this site is to provide an easy guide to users more useful and easy to use.
  • Hao123 program helps users to dispense with other websites, programs and different browsers, as it is spread in many countries, which indicates that it is the best.

You can download the famous internet browser hao 123, which is also a good website directory and has a wide reputation, as it allows you to have the advantages of fast browsing and security, as well as the most famous Arab and international sites in various fields such as politics, sports, news of Arab countries, women’s forums, as well as sites.

for downloading programs and documentaries, among others. Popular sites for Internet users The interface of the application is easy to use. After downloading the browser, you can install it on the computer perfectly and follow the update of the rest of the versions through the official website of the program. The version was released for free to all Internet users about You can follow the conditions of winter and summer through the weather news from the browsing interface, and you can also download the toolbar for free. Download the browser program 123 from the link below the article

Features of Hao123 Browser

  • Download Hao 123 Browser It was produced and developed by Baidu Corporation, the developer of Baidu Spark Browser and Baidu Search Engine, which is the number one search engine in the People's Republic of China. In addition to its great ability to protect you and keep your security when browsing websites, this is what made browser users always reassured.
  • Hao123 Browser is one of the most popular browsers that has many features that make it easy for users. This browser offers and provides the following:
  • The Hoo program is one of the programs that supports many languages, which makes it very easy for users to be able to search for any site in any language and get it as quickly as possible, and it also supports the Arabic language.
  • The browser has a simple and smooth interface and is divided into a beautiful and organized way. The main interface of the browser includes the most famous sites and forums on the Internet, such as social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Yahoo, Skype, WhatsApp, Hotmail, Gmail, and other news sites. Such as Al-Jazeera, Akhbarak, Arab Sayed, Al-Arabiya Net, Al-Masry Al-Youm,  Al-Watan, Youm7, Sadi Al-Balad, and other commercial sites such as, Amazon, eBay, Ali Baba, the free broker site, and the open market site. deal of the day,
  • The browser provides a set of tools that users need that make it easy to deal with it, get what they want and protect their sites.
  • This browser has an easy and more distinctive interface, as it provides through its interface various sites and pages that are easy to access by clicking on them and it will appear immediately on the screen.
  • The site allows you to choose the country in which you reside. for example, the site will add the most prominent sites in your country and the most searched by  users, as well as if you choose a country such as the United Arab Emirates,  or any other country, whether Arab or foreign.
  • All sites appear in order and divided into several sections, each site appears in the form of a thumbnail and when you click on the thumbnail, the browser will take you to the site directly.
  • It is considered one of the most lightweight browsers that does not need a lot of space, so it can be downloaded on any device without any suffering from not having enough space for it.
  • The browser provides the ability to browse for any site and navigate between sites easily and quickly through page windows or quick search.
  • Hoo Browser is free, so it is downloaded without any costs or money by searching for it and following the correct download steps for it.
  • The browser provides the news of different sites and forums according to the language and the country in which you have set the browser, which gives it the opportunity to show the different news of this country, which helps you to know quickly without any effort or research.

How to use Hao123 Browser

  • Howe 123 Browser is elegant and has a distinctive shape and simple interface, as we mentioned, and anyone can deal with it, even if he is a novice in dealing with Internet matters.
  • The browser has a terrible speed, so you will be able to move between the pages and windows of sites with all speed, and it will also provide you with great speed when opening Internet sites in addition to a great search speed when searching through the search engine built into the browser.
  • Hao 123 on the desktop is a unique and easy-to-use program. Its various features and capabilities have added the ability to deal with it without any problems or difficulties, as it enables the user to enter at any time and search for any site or news quickly.
  • Using the Hao program requires first downloading it to the user's device, then it will be available for use at any time, as the user opens the browser, type in the search topic that the user wants, and presses the search mark, and the page that the user is looking for will appear in a few seconds.
  • The browser has many excellent and useful tools and features that help the user in dealing with the browser, which many browser users liked, and these features also make Internet users download, install and use the browser (you will find the link to download the browser for Windows in the last paragraph of the article).
  • The browser is very light and does not consume a lot of device resources, it will not put pressure on the RAM, processor or graphics processor, and you will not feel any jitters or slowness in your computer because of it or even any slowness when using 123 hao browser itself.
  • The user can click on any of the sites that appear in the program interface, such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or other applications and programs that are available if desired, and the browser will open them to the user.
  • The application provides many other options, such as translation in case the user wants to translate one of the words or sentences, and also provides the ability to know the location through the maps box, as well as the ability to search for different images and download them to the device easily, as well as videos or various applications that The user wishes to download it to his device.
  • Hao 123 Browser is one of the most popular internet browsers in the world and is considered the most prominent and most used browser and the first in the People's Republic of China.
  • It supports many operating systems, so you can download and install the browser on computers running Windows in all versions, whether it is Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 and in both 32-bit and 64-bit as well as
  • The 123 Amateur Browser has features similar to the Firefox browser for a free computer, with a slight difference in the program's interface and some other settings.

Howe Browser 123 has a new interface

The interface of the program provides a statement of the temperatures of the selected country that the user specified in the settings of the program, where the maximum and minimum temperatures are also shown, and it also provides a statement of the dates of the month and year, where the Hijri and Gregorian dates are also displayed.

Hao 123 has the ability to change its interface and set a different background according to the user's desire, as it has more than 21 natural shapes to choose from.

The user can add other icons for other content and different sites that make it easier for the user to access them either by placing them on the program interface or by saving them in the favorites list.

123hao Browser Updates

The company responsible for the application has updated and developed the application and provided it better, and the August 2016 update is considered one of the most frequent updates that caused problems while dealing with it. The company has fixed it quickly.

The Hao123 program makes it easy for all users to watch all the new news related to the economy or technology without searching for sites. Hundreds of websites that you can use and browse with ease.

The browser has been fully developed and its user interface developed to become more flexible and easy to navigate between the sections and sites on it, the program is completely free of all annoying ads, and it is characterized by complete safety and maintaining the privacy and security of users by encrypting all their information.

Is it possible to download Howe Browser 123 on PC with direct link?

Indeed, this can be done, and there are many sites that the user can enter and download the browser quickly and easily.

But the user must be very careful when choosing one of these sites, he must make sure that the safety factor is available in it first before starting to download.

More information on how to download Howo 123 Browser and the download link

  • Software license: completely free.
  • Program size: 1.04 MB.
  • Developed company: Baidu of China.
  • Operating System: Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, with both 32-bit and 64-bit kernels.
Download Howe Browser 123 for PC on Desktop