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Download WhatsApp Web 2021 for PC and Android for free Latest Version

Download WhatsApp Web 2021 for PC and Android for free with a direct link

Download WhatsApp Web 2021 for PC and Android for free with a direct link - Whatsapp Web

Note the links to download WhatsApp Web 2021 below, but it is recommended to read the topic before downloading.
With a base of over 750 million active users, WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps available for almost all mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Java, Nokia and Blackberry. All it takes from you is an active internet connection after which you can do a bunch of Things like sending unlimited messages, videos, and photos to anyone, other than having users on all mobile platforms, WhatsApp has just launched its web-based version that syncs your messages from mobile to PC using their servers called WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp on the computer You can easily run WhatsApp on the computer without the need to carry the mobile and respond to messages, record or watch videos. You can use the WhatsApp application on your computer and reply, write and record easily and smoothly.

WhatsApp for PC runs in a separate window and is light on the device and does not cause any problems, with a size not exceeding 130 MB.

About WhatsApp Web for PC and Android:

The WhatsApp Web site and program provides many great features that have won the approval of millions of users over the past years, as it can be linked to the mobile phone and then transfer different data between the mobile phone and the PC, as well as the exchange of various messages between friends and coworkers throughout the day through the PC Without the need .

This software is probably the most popular messaging app for mobile phones, and since it is for mobile phones we often need to stop working and pick up our phones to answer messages or do something else via the app, fortunately now you can also use it on your laptop or desktop device You can chat while you work, but how? One way everyone knows how to use Android apps on PC is to use an Android Emulator like Bluestacks.
How can I download WhatsApp Web?

Now you can finally give Bluestacks a break, and you won't need it to use WhatsApp on your computer, because there is an update or new version released by WhatsApp, the update is a clean user interface of the application built into a browser API that allows you to use WhatsApp on your computer, laptop or PDA that supports a web browser over WiFi This version is called WhatsApp Web This web version is an extension of your version of Whatsapp on your phone, which means that it simply mirrors all the conversations and messages stored on your mobile device and transfers them to the current computer in use. All your messages on your phone and new messages sent via the web platform.

Whatsapp Web simply means is the version of WhatsApp application on your phone which can be used in a web browser, Whats app Web provides its users with the ability to read and send messages, send and listen to voice notes, send and receive files etc. directly from their web browsers or the application desktop, you get Audio notifications Also on WhatsApp Web, all the messages (and other things) you send and receive are completely synced between your smartphone and your computer, and you can see all those messages (and other things) on both devices.

WhatsApp web actually works on any devices that support Chrome like browsers like Google Chrome and Opera too, so if you want to run it on your computer, your device should have these browsers, WhatsApp web allows you to take advantage of chatting in a bigger screen.

Features offered by WhatsApp Web

  • Through the WhatsApp Web program, when it is downloaded to your mobile phone, you can communicate with all the people on your mobile phone among your contacts. Text messages that have a charge when sent.
  • The WhatsApp Web application makes you stay in touch with others, know their news, create groups, add the people you like to add to your chat, share videos and photos that you like to send to them or messages, and send two hundred and fifty-six files, and this is a very large number and makes it easy for you a lot and name the name you love on me The group and you can mute the notification or specify that the messages are read or not or control who sends messages and make there is someone with you who controls the settings as well and mute the notification sound as well and a lot of settings that you can control and modify.
  • The big advantage of using WhatsApp Web is that you have a bigger keyboard for typing and a bigger display for a better chatting experience. Run it under a different and distinct browser tab and this will make the functionality of the app much better.
  • Ease of use, this web interface is as easy as the mobile version, also using the computer will add to it more ease due to the presence of a larger screen with multiple choices using the larger keyboard, for people who lack a front camera on their phone, you can now use the laptop webcam to chat and send clips recorded video.
  • No dual memory usage, when you download any image on the mobile app it will not be downloaded automatically on the desktop or vice versa.
  • You can use multiple accounts with WhatsApp Web on one computer. Some people have two numbers linked to two different WhatsApp accounts. You can still use them on one computer. To do this, you will need to open WhatsApp Web in two different browsers like Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Alternately, you can open WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp is in incognito window but logs out after an hour.
  • SSL connection is very secure.
  • WhatsApp is somewhat similar to Facebook in that it allows you to log out after you are done using WhatsApp on a specific computer to avoid someone seeing your remote chats.

How to download WhatsApp Web for web apps for PC for all systems

  • On your computer's browser, go to the download page to download and install the file, when the installation is complete launch the program on your computer and scan the QR code to log in.
  • To scan a QR code on WhatsApp Web on your desktop:
  • On Android: Go to Chats screen > Menu > WhatsApp Web.
  • On iPhone: Go to Settings > WhatsApp Web.
  • When the QR code is indicated Scan the QR code on your computer screen from your phone, after scanning the QR code, WhatsApp Web will start so you can start chatting.
  • Instead of downloading the program, do this: If you do not want to download WhatsApp, you can still access it from your web browser by:
  • On your computer or laptop connected to the internet you can access the Official Website, again when you indicate the QR Code Scan the QR Code on the computer screen from your phone, after scanning the QR Code will start WhatsApp Web so you can start chatting.

How to download the program and how to link it to your WhatsApp

  1. When you download the program, the program appears in this interface, the program does not need to be installed! Just download the file.
  2. After that we go to the phone and open WhatsApp, then we go to the three dots next to the search, and then we click on Whatsapp Web.
  3. Then the camera will open for us, and we will scan the code in the program on our computer.
  4. When you read the code with the camera, the program opens to you on your computer with your WhatsApp account, contacts, conversations, photos, media, and everything.
  5. You can download media, images and files from the comfort of your computer and vice versa.

Some keyboard shortcuts to facilitate the use of WhatsApp on the computer

If you choose to use WhatsApp Web, you can enjoy some shortcuts to access some of the features. Here are some of the shortcuts:
  • Ctrl + N: Start a new conversation.
  • Shift + Ctrl +]: Next chat.
  • Ctrl + Shift + [: Previous chat.
  • Ctrl + E: Chat archive.
  • Shift + Ctrl + M: Mute the chat.
  • Ctrl + Backspace: Delete the chat.
  • Shift + Ctrl + U: Mark as unread.
  • Ctrl + Shift + N: Create a new group.
  • P + Ctrl: Open the profile's status.

How does WhatsApp Web work?

You can integrate the conversation from the mobile phone with your computer as well, as you have synced or opened your WhatsApp on the computer also with some of them and you can choose the easiest for you and the fastest according to your desire and what you like, and it can be opened with some of them when you register WhatsApp on the mobile and the computer with the same your number.

What are the services provided by WhatsApp?

Through WhatsApp, you can call on your communication device for free without adding fees, from the internet connection to the phone or its connection to the computer, and if it is in any country in the world, you can communicate with it easily in any country and make video calls as well. The call later involves opening the video and adding effects to the call.

You can communicate via the Internet instead of phone data and pay a lot of communication costs, and this is one of the features of the program as well, and it is characterized by the fact that the sound and image are pure and better than many other programs.

Some important things to know for WhatsApp Web users:

Instant messaging seems incomplete without emojis, but it takes to change from keyboard to mouse and then click on the emoji icon next to the text box, then find the correct emoji icon, there is a faster way using the keyboard while in the normal text box I type: ( Shift + ;/:) followed by the first two letters of the emotion you want to express, you will get an emoji that changes with each letter you type, use the keyboard arrow keys to switch between the displayed emoji, press Enter and this is a much faster way to type.
  • In WAToolkit Chrome users have an excellent extension for adding extra features to WhatsApp Web. It adds two cool tricks including one that allows you to read the program's conversations again without a "read receipt":
  • Background Notifications: When you receive a new message in WhatsApp you no longer need to switch to the WhatsApp Web tab to read it, the WAToolkit icon badge shows how many unread messages you have, hover over the icon and you will be able to preview the messages without registering as read in the main chat.
  • Full Width Chat Bubbles: By default WhatsApp doesn't span a person's chat bubble across the full width of the chat window, that's why you get multi-line texts when it's easy to put them in one line from the wide desktop window, WAToolkit fixes that by shifting bubbles Full width text.
  • Unlike regular WhatsApp, WhatsApp Web does not allow you to make voice calls, however you can send voice messages, but what do you do if that voice message is too weak, or maybe too long? Zapp is a WhatsApp web extension for Chrome that allows you to adjust both functions, you can increase the volume of the voice message you just got or change the playback speed, you can increase the playback speed and increase the volume by almost 100 percent.

Program requirements and WhatsApp Web privacy

There are many advantages provided by the modern version and the counters that many people preferred, which is the second encryption through the latest versions of WhatsApp Web so that we can develop the program and protection.

Through it, you can send the fun moments that you love and take pictures immediately and send them or record a video and send it at the same time and enjoy the fun features and the most enjoyable moments and share them with your family and friends or serve you in your work. Messages and clips are delivered quickly and you do not need a strong internet to share them The most important features are also, and if you download WhatsApp Web, you will find a lot of different and distinct options available to you.

The best alternative programs for the WhatsApp application on Android phones

There are a variety of applications used in instant messaging that serve the same purpose as WhatsApp, and they are:
  • KiK Messenger app
It is considered one of the best applications that have emerged recently as an instant messaging application through which you can send written messages by registering phone numbers, and also make group conversations, as it is a fast and easy to use application.
  • Telegram app
The Telegram application is also one of the free applications that appeared recently to meet the needs of users, as it is an alternative to the WhatsApp application, through which you can send and receive messages, photos, videos and files easily and easily, and you can make group conversations that may reach 200 users in one group.
  • line messenger app
The Line Messenger application is one of the free applications that is available to download for free, and you can use it as an alternative to the WhatsApp application when making voice and video calls and sending text messages to friends, and you can also write your personal status easily and express your status through the stickers in it.
  • BBM . app
This application you can download only on BlackBerry phones, where it is used to send recorded voice messages easily and the ability to talk with people who own this application easily and smoothly, so it is used as a safe alternative to the WhatsApp application.
  • WeChat app
Wechat is one of the safe applications that is used as an alternative to the WhatsApp application, but it is not known to many users, despite the presence of a large group of its advantages that match the same features of the WhatsApp application, including making voice calls, sending written messages, sending videos, stickers and images easily.
  • Viber app
The Viber application is one of the applications frequently used in all Android phones, as some users use it as an alternative to the WhatsApp application because of its great features and capabilities. It is an instant messaging application, making voice calls and video calls without charging any additional fees. Written chat on the phone and a lot of other features.

Frequently asked questions about downloading WhatsApp Web 2021

WhatsApp Web is the most popular application for mobile phones, and you can make a call from the phone on WhatsApp Web, and it is possible to use WhatsApp Web via the computer, and we learn about the most important questions about using WhatsApp Web from the computer:

How do I download WhatsApp Web on my computer?

  1. Dear reader, you can go to the browser on the computer, and then go to the download page.
  2. WhatsApp is downloaded and the application is installed on the computer.
  3. After downloading, the program is launched on the computer, and the response code is scanned in order to log in.

How do I scan a QR code on my iPhone text?

  • From the menu, go to Settings, then go to WhatsApp Web.
  • When the QR code is scanned, a chat can be started.
  • Can I access WhatsApp from my computer without downloading it?
  • Dear reader, you can open the browser and enter WhatsApp Web through the official website of WhatsApp Web.
  • After entering this site, the response code is achieved through a computer screen and over the phone.
  • If the phone is running Android, the code is scanned by entering the chats screen, then entering the menu, and then entering WhatsApp Web.

Does WhatsApp Web offer me the same version as on the phone?

  • Indeed, WhatsApp Web offers you the same version on the phone, but WhatsApp Web is easy to use.
  • WhatsApp Web offers you, dear reader, a wonderful keyboard that enables you to type more.
  • WhatsApp Web makes chatting better and better.
  • On the big screen, there are many tools, and through WhatsApp Web you can send a lot of audio and video clips.

Can I download media and files from WhatsApp Web?

Indeed, any of the images and files can be downloaded to the computer directly from WhatsApp Web, which facilitates a lot of procedures.

It can be done in reverse, and download any of the files, documents or photos through the computer to the phone if you want to download those files to the phone.

Can I use multiple accounts on one computer?

You may already have two numbers linked to WhatsApp Web, so you can use WhatsApp Web on your computer.
  • WhatsApp Web can be opened on two browsers, you can use Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera.
  • Can I log out of WhatsApp web like Facebook app?
  • WhatsApp Web is like Facebook. After you end the chat, you can log out so that no one sees your chat.
  • This is done by going to the three dots at the top of the screen, and you are logged out.

Problems you may encounter when using WhatsApp Web

There is a problem that may appear to you when you connect WhatsApp to your laptop using WhatsApp Web. With the passage of a large amount of time, there will be messages in the phone, although the Internet speed is not slow, and there are solutions options that are not present in all devices, even if you download WhatsApp Web on Mobile, there are different solutions to solve it.

Or when the power goes out on the device on which you open WhatsApp, or the phone data and the Internet have been disconnected from your phone, and the WhatsApp program must always run.

Also, problems may appear through the browser you are using.

Links to download WhatsApp Web with a direct link for free best APK:

  • The name of the program is WhatsApp Web
  • The company that produces WhatsApp.
  • Compatible with Windows, Android
  • Program size varies by version
  • The latest and latest version of the program
  • Program release 24 - May - 2021.
  • Program language Multilingual

Links to download WhatsApp Web for PC and Android for free: