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Download pubg new state for PC, Android and iPhone

 Download pubg new state for PC, Android and iPhone

Download pubg new state for pc 2021

Millions of fans of the PUBG Mobile new state war game are wondering about the facts, features and surprises involved in the modern version 2051, which was announced by the giant kratfon company in a teasing way that made various social media cause a huge commotion, about how to download it, whether on computers, Android phones and iPhones, and how to download it. The tribal registration about it, and when it will be issued on the ground, regardless of the search engines that achieved about 5 million searches, during the recent period.

Download the new Pubg New State 2021 game for free with a direct link

The company krafton, which oversees the production and development of the modern version, pubg New state, made an announcement that includes exciting events about how to play the game, and the exceptional features that broke the hearts of users of the PUBG game, and their desire to try it, and enjoy the adventure, updates and various new features within the world of the modern version, which are absent in The original version of pubg mobile.

The modern version of the Pubg New State game includes very impressive events, attracting you to live a world of fighting and confrontation with an exceptional vision, about what will happen in the future during the year 2051, both in terms of advanced automatic weapons, not to mention the quality of alluring clothes in their shapes and colors. , then the different types of cars and planes,

PUBG NEW STATE is the new version of the famous and well-known war game on all computers and smartphones, where the PUBG game is one of the action games that you can spend fun times while playing it, as the developers of this game have stated to develop music sounds and effects to make you feel that you are In a real war, the developers were not satisfied with that, but they released this wonderful game, which they designed to suit the near future with all technological and military developments and this appears in the weapons and military equipment in the game,

In addition, this version is also free and available in the Google Play Store and it is easy for you to download, and not only that, but you can play it easily on computers, you will find a unique game in terms of graphics and new sound effects that take to the world of wars and war battles, all of this will We remind you through our article today presented by this site in addition to mentioning the important information about this game and how to play it, and we will also mention to you its advantages and disadvantages. Just follow us through the following lines to learn more.

pubg new state download link for pc from mediafire

Enjoy the fiercest combat battles with your friends now, as soon as you download the pubg new state game for the computer for free, as the modern version of the pubg is the best that has surpassed the previous pubg versions. The company that developed the modern version of the PUBG game was able to release high-resolution versions that are suitable for iPhone, Android and PC, which excites players and makes them more eager to try new deadly weapons.
pubg new state download link for pc from mediafire

And the distinctive map shape, and many huge surprises, that will fly all fans of video games and gaming, in a world of fighting and struggle for survival is very distinctive and amazing, and this is evidence of the game keeping pace with new releases, subjecting it to various unique features on a seasonal basis, which It makes all its users around the world excited to try any recent version without hesitation.


Looking for excitement, suspense and adventures on the battlefield, you want to play a game with a set of weapons and distinctive war strategies that are not found in any other game, all of this you will find in PUBG NEW STATE, the most admired game by millions of people, although it has not been released Actually, however, after it was announced and it has been well received by millions of people who love the game and are waiting for the release of the trial version of the new version, you will find that this version is more realistic than the many available versions of the game, whether the original or other developed versions.
How to download PUBG NEW STATE for mobile

Looking for excitement, suspense and adventures on the battlefield, you want to play a game with a set of weapons and distinctive war strategies that are not found in any other game, all of this you will find in PUBG NEW STATE, the most admired game by millions of people, although it has not been released Actually, however, after it was announced and it has been well received by millions of people who love the game and are waiting for the release of the trial version of the new version, you will find that this version is more realistic than the many available versions of the game, whether the original or other developed versions.

This game has become a strong competitor to the original version of PUBG due to the use of the second generation of the PUBG game and the use of more advanced vehicles and weapons. From the age of 16, which is the appropriate age to watch all forms of violence and murder in the game, and despite the presence of many war games, this version showed the lead before it was released on electronic stores.

How to download PUBG NEW STATE for mobile

The PUBG New State game for PC and Android mobile is one of the free games inside the Google Play Store. You can download it by following these steps:

You will find the direct download link at the bottom of the article, click on it.

Wait a few minutes and you will be taken to the direct download page on the store. Click on install and wait for this process to complete and transfer all the game files in order to make it easier for you to run it on the phone easily and conveniently.

How to download PUBG New State for PC

In order to download pubg new state for PC, follow these simple steps:
  • Download and install the LDPlayer emulator from its official website.
  • Run the emulator and sign in with your Google account (if necessary).
  • Go to one of the available stores inside the emulator and search for PUBG New State.
  • Install PUBG New State on your computer with a few simple clicks and start playing the game for free.
Second method:

The second option to download pubg new state for PC and laptop is to go to Uptodown app store or LDPlayer official website and download the APK file of the game, drag this file to the LDPlayer emulator or select a file from your computer to install the game on your computer.

How to play PUBG NEW STATE

This game is very easy, as it does not differ in the way of the original PUBG game with an analog stick that allows you to move right and left smoothly, and there are also some icons that help you pick up weapons, sit down and shoot bullets, and you can switch weapons, but this game differs in the quality of modern weapons that They are available inside the game and also the difference in the presence of vehicles and tanks that were designed to fit the near future on which the game was designed, and you will also find very modern technologies available inside this game besides that the maps.
pubg: new state download apk

pubg: new state download ios

pubg new state download play store

pubg: new state beta download

It has become more clear so that you can know the places easily and easily, you can fight alone and be the only survivor in the battle and you can form a team against a team for collective fighting, this game is one of the best multiplayer games, this version depends on the presence of 100 players in the battlefield must To fight and use modern strategies to survive this battle.

Pubg new state download requirements for pc

The following capabilities must be available on the computer in order for the player to download the pubg new state for PC APK, which are as follows:
  • It is necessary to provide a space of at least 3 GB, which is the space of both the game and the emulator.
  • The graphics card type must be NVIDIA GTX 1060 4GB, regardless of whether it is integrated with the device as in the laptop or separate.
  • The size of the RAM should be 4 GB or more to run the game very quickly without interruption.
  • CPU must be Intel core i3-4340/Amd FX-63008 dual core or higher.
  • The internet speed must be high so that you can play the game without interrupting.
  • Fits Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating systems.

How to download Gameloop emulator

Fans of the new PUBG game can download the modern version of it on computers by downloading an emulator, by doing the following steps:
  1. Download Gameloop emulator on PC.
  2. Complete the download steps, then open a game.
  3. After opening the game, withdraw from it through the arrow on the right of the screen from the emulator.
  4. Press the F9 button, a new menu will appear, “Click on the browser”.
  5. Find and download the appropriate version of Pubg new state for PC.

What are the requirements to run PUBG NEW STATE on mobile?

If you want to download the PUBG New State game for Android on the mobile, you must first realize that this game has large files that need special capabilities in order to be able to run it easily without any irritation or lag while playing. Among these capabilities that must be available inside the phone are the following:
  • Operating systems: It is preferable that your phone has an Android operating system 0.6 and higher in order to fit this game.
  • RAM: It is better to have in your phone random memory of at least 2.5 GB.
  • Ram: It is better to avoid any problem while downloading or running the game that your phone has a space of 4 GB and higher.
  • Stored space: It is a requirement for your phone to have a free space of at least 3 GB in order to be able to download the game files after downloading them.

What's new in the game PUBG NEW STATE for Android?

  • The new game pubg new state 2051 has amazing features and capabilities, which broke the patience barrier of countless PUBG users around the world, and set fire to their hearts because of their desire to force it and enjoy its exclusive features,

  • Unfortunately, the date of its release has not been announced yet. Among the most impressive features and characteristics of the game, we find that it has a distinctive graphics and exceptional quality, which will allow you to enjoy seeing the characters, graphics and designs of the game in a good way, and it is more realistic compared to the first version of PUBG Mobile.

  • However, it does not differ from it in the way of playing, the battle ground will be subject to 100 players, and start the confrontation and eliminate the enemies, and work to collect the largest possible number of combat supplies, from weapons, bombs and pistols to achieve victory and survive to the last breath.

  • Among the most interesting features of the exclusive pubg new state 2051 game, we find the huge map, which is called “Troi”, and it is considered a small window that overlooks the confrontation arena, and helps you identify the enemy’s locations, and it includes a large number of military equipment such as weapons and pistols,

  • It also opens the way to reveal the areas that you will determine your destination to, and shows you all the distinctive and new vehicles, planes and cars, one of the most effective features of this map, it gives you a bulletproof shield, to defend yourself against the enemy.

What is the difference between the original PUBG game and the PUBG New State version

There are a lot of developments and updates in the new version, so you will find that there are differences between the original and the new version that we will learn about during these lines, namely:
  • The time of the two versions: - The original version uses the technology available when designing it, as its time is the present, while the new version is characterized by the temporal backgrounds of the near future, where all equipment, weapons and military clothing were designed compatible with the year 2051, so there is a difference between the two times.
  • Choosing the map: - The original version has only the map in the game, through which you get to know the places of fighters and hiding places, and the new version has more than one map. You can choose the map that suits you and fits the game situation that you have chosen.
  • Weapons and equipment:- In the original version, there is a good set of weapons, military equipment and vehicles that you can use, but the new version has a lot of weapons, equipment and modern vehicles in addition to unmanned aircraft. The exterior of the players also became very special.
  • Graphics and sound effects:- The graphics of the game are characterized by their very high quality, as the graphics came in high quality and thus became better than the well-known and famous versions of Buggy, as the graphics in the original Buggy are lower in quality than this version, and also the sound effects are higher and clearer, making you feel that you are in a real war unlike The sound effects in the original PUBG Although the effects are of high quality, but the new sound effects are suitable for the near future.
  • Game system:- The system of playing this game in the two versions, there are no differences between them, but the difference is that there is more than one situation in the new version of PUBG that you can choose, but the game system in the original version is only a battle consisting of only 100 players.

about pubg new state apk

  • Game name: pubg new state
  • Developer of the game: kratfon company
  • Operating systems: Supports all systems without exception
  • Game size: Not announced.
  • Languages: Supports a wide variety of international languages.
  • Language price: It will be released for free.
  • Game version: the latest version.
The modern game, pubg new state, contains huge amounts of interesting and unique features, on top of which we find the graphic quality, and the quality of mythical weapons, with its cute designs and shapes, apart from the planes that fly without a care, and they are also enhanced with attractive and high-precision designs, that attract you To spend many hours in its endless excitement and fun, the game includes a massive lighting technology, which makes you enjoy the clear vision of the game.

Download PUBG New State APK Direct Link PUBG.NEW.STATE.(ALPHA).ver.
Other links from Mediafire:
PUBG New State apk file (direct link): ver.