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Discord app for PC and mobile 2022 download with direct link

Discord app for PC and mobile 2020 download with direct link

Download Discord for PC for free. Chat and create groups. Using Discord is very easy as the program's interface is among the best ever, the latest version of the chat for many players 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit.

If playing games online with your friends is in your spare time, you probably want an efficient way to communicate with them during game time. That in order to take advantage of the full range of capabilities, you must have a microphone or headphone, speakers and an Internet connection.

Discord application: The process of communicating with anyone at any time and place has not become difficult or difficult. With the technological revolution that the world is witnessing, social networking sites have become one of the most prevalent things among all of us, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and others.

But it can be a lot different when talking about communication and group chat apps; They are not available as many regular applications, and most of these applications are paid and require a physical subscription, but say goodbye to these obstacles with the famous Discord application, let's get to know it together in some detail.

Discord is a program specially designed so that you can communicate with others by voice or writing without problems and from all different devices of use. It is specially designed for players who play online games and want to talk to each other. It does not take any speed from the Internet, unlike Skype Which pulls a lot of internet speed and causes a lag or high ping while playing, it is a program that combines all the features of other programs in one program

Only, and this thing is very similar to TeamSpeak 3 program, but it is free at all times, and you can create an account on it and with the same account talk through mobile and computer and many other things. Fa Discord is the best platform for all those who talk while playing and in this The article will explain to you the features and method of How do I download Discord to my laptop?.

About Discord 2021

Discord It is an application that combines text chat and instant messaging services with voice chats for services such as teamspeak, skype, and the program is completely free and is also available on the mobile or desktop desktop, users can also access the Discord program through the website and work on it, that is, users can Run it through web browsers like Firefox and chrome, and usage is no different, meaning it will appear as if you are working on the same application.
Download Discord for PC for free

Discord is an application designed specifically for game , as it allows users to have conversations with various individuals around the world and allows group conversations to comment on the gaming experience and its features. The program is widely popular around the world with more than 200 million users on various operating platforms Windows, Android and Linux. Available on the web, using the application requires your account and you can configure it quite easily and start chatting with friends.

Download Discord app features

  • Play online with your friends without problems
If you are one of the people who suffer from playing online because of a problem with the Internet or the slowness of a program that provides communication service between users, the Discord program makes the communication between you and your friends with an encrypted IP completely hidden and in safety, you can play the game with your friends on the comfort Pal or with people who have Discord servers in the games you play.
  • Constant contact with your friends
You can download the program on your mobile phones and with your friends, and you are always in touch with them while on the move, and you can talk by writing to someone, in addition, if you can contact him a lot of times without a problem or any glitch, it's about sending a logo that you need Or that you are playing and there is next to each of the names of your friends its status if it is playing or if it is waiting or the program has been locked through it.
  • Discord text chat
Through text chat, you can share images, videos and links to almost all sites easily without facing any problem, and you can upload files from your computer desktop or from the Internet, they are displayed directly in the chat and in addition to GIF files Which will not appear if you pass your mouse in front of it or drag it in the mobile.
  • Conversation does not slow down the Internet
Discord is designed to be used while playing games, it has little effect on your CPU and you will not feel that there is an effect either and will not affect the performance of any game in the most difficult times, it is considered not working or not present, it deals with games very powerful and It does not affect your internet speed at all or the consumption of computer resources as well.

Discord takes less than 5 minutes for you to understand everything in it. It supports all the languages ​​you can imagine. In addition to this, it distinguishes each player by its name in addition to a number like this #*** and it contains numbers of its own that anyone can write and add you and there Things to access servers and things to create new servers for free, in addition to the multiple systems supported by Discord, it works with Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and other other systems.
  • pure sound quality
The Discord API is characterized by a lot of features related to the purity and sound quality that make the sound in the first place among all the famous programs. With the computer, you can block the sound that comes out during the game and focus on playing and the sounds of your friends only, nothing else through Discord. This gives you high quality and purity of sound.
  • Know who is speaking
If you are with a group of your friends and you are playing and one of you has locked the game while you are inside the game and there are annoying sounds, you can adjust the settings from not talking for 5 minutes, for example, Discord removes him from the conversation you are doing and many other features that exist and control it
  • Create online call conferences using Push-To-Talk
Features of Discord Download for PC Windows 7 The ability to create channels and communicate in them via text messages, whether in public or private conversations
  • Create any number of servers
  • Working in the cloud provides protection against DDoS attacks
  • The software is equipped with a built-in audio gain control, as well as an "intelligent" isolation system for external noise, including Windows system sounds.
  • Create a video chat and broadcast your screen to other participants. The functionality is under active development and is still being tested.
  • Discord is a completely free application that does not need to pay any financial subscription, in contrast to many similar applications.
  • One of the most prominent features of the application is that it provides full protection for the users' IP address.
  • The application has an easy and simple design that is easy to deal with without any obstacles.
  • Discord enables players to create servers and allows access to specific tools for specific members.
  • The Discord application supports both the iPhone and Android operating systems, and there is a version for the computer, so there is an opportunity for most individuals to benefit from it.
Download Discord for PC for free with a direct link

Sign in to your Discord browser account An alternative to the above option is to sign in to your Discord account without downloading and installing the software on your computer or laptop. This method is suitable for people who do not plan to install additional programs on a personal computer. At the same time, the usability, functionality and other features of the application remain at the same high level.

Download Discord for PC for free with a direct link

This program offers many features to users such as:
  • Download Discord 2021 allows you to access private groups and chat channels.
  • Real-time messages also allow us to share multimedia content.
  • Reply to all messages received.
  • Direct messages between users.
  • After downloading Discord for PC, you can control multiple servers.
  • Channels can be organized according to the user's taste and taste.
  • discord free download for pc windows 10

How to register on Discord

The Discord website must be accessed through the user's browser.
  • Click on the Open Discord in your browser button, which means that the Discord will be opened in the user's browser.
  • Type your username, and then press the Go button.
  • Click on the robot verification box, and then complete an image or a captcha if one of them is provided.
  • Click on skip to start using the app and click on started for a tutorial.
  • Enter the user's email and password and then click on the phrase “Get an account” in order to confirm the account, or users can skip this paragraph by clicking on the pop-up window.
  • Finally, the user only has to search for servers and communities to join them.

pubg discord program

Many PUBG game players seek to download the Discord program for the iPhone, where you can create their own servers that help them communicate with others with ease.

How to use the Discord app?

after Discord login you can be used to create a free server for the user with easy and clear steps, and the user can add many other features in order to facilitate communication within his server.

The user can organize memberships in the Discord server quite easily, and the user can also allow a group of members to control parts of the server, for example allowing member “Y” to delete messages within the text chat room “X” only without any second permissions. The system of powers provided by the application allows the user to act freely and distribute tasks in an easy way.

When users are playing games that don't support voice chats, for example, users can use Discord for the purpose of creating group voice chats between friends quite easily.

Download Discord old version enables the creation of a channel for voice and text chats and audio rooms (such as the Clubhouse application) within the server, in addition to allowing other members to access these channels without others, and users can work to organize these rooms into different groups in order to facilitate the browsing process for them.

Users can use the help of bots to help them clean and organize their Discord server and manage members. Not only that, but there are bots dedicated to listening and sharing songs, as well as the ability to share videos and photos.

What is the difference between Discord desktop and Discord web

Discord is available in the form of a web application that users can run in many modern browsers that often exist.

Users can also download Discord for PC on many different operating systems such as iOS, Android, Linux, windows, macOS. Also, the web and desktop versions of the Discord application do not differ for the most part, they are almost similar.

How to create a server on Discord

  • Creating servers on Discord is free, but before that you will need to create an account first. After creating and logging into your Discord account on the platform of your choice:
  • First launch Discord.
  • Click on the plus sign ( + ) on the left side of the window.
  • Click on Create a new server.
  • Enter the server name and select the zone you want.
  • Then click on Create.
  • With this your server will be up and running immediately, and you will be given a link that you can share with others so they can join.
  • And if you want to make the invitation link never expire, you can do so by checking the box that says Set this link to never expire, which means making this link never expire if you want to create a permanent link to your community.
You can press Invite People Invite people from the server page to see the invite link again. Invite friends and people from other servers by right-clicking their user icon in Discord and selecting Invite to server > Your server.

How to delete a server on Discord

  • To be able to delete or remove a server on Discord that you created, follow these steps:
  • Select the server you want to delete from the list on the left side of the application window.
  • Click the down arrow next to your server name.
  • Click on Server Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Delete Server to delete the server.
  • You may be asked to enter the server name again, when prompted, retype the name.
  • Click Delete Server to confirm.

How to make group calls and share your desktop screen

One of the best features that Discord supports are Direct Messages (DMs) to connect with friends better as well as Group Direct Messages to connect with small groups of friends. This feature is available separately from the servers, so you and your friends do not need to be members of the same server to use this feature.

How to create a DM group with your friends for private voice chat, video chat, and even screen sharing:
  • Run Discord.
  • Click on the home page icon in the upper left corner.
  • Click on friends.
  • Click on the New Group DM icon in the upper right corner of the application.
  • Choose friends to invite, then click Create DM Group.
  • Tap the phone icon to start a voice call, or tap the video camera icon to start a video call.
  • Press Leave Call to end the call when you are done.

Discord download info for pc

  • program name Discord
  • The size of the program is 59 MB
  • software developer
  • Classification of the program chat programs
  • Discord software version 0.0.306
  • Program language is multilingual
  • Free software license
  • Operating systems All operating systems