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How to create and create a Hotmail 2022 email account from a computer or mobile phone

how to create and create a new Hotmail 2022 email account from a computer, Android, or iPhone

How to create and create a Hotmail 2021 email account from a computer or mobile phone

Hotmail is one of the many services that have been created by Microsoft since the first years of the company's emergence, as Hotmail was established in 1996 and is considered one of the oldest sites where the e-mail service is available, and therefore the name Hotmail is old until the new name appeared, which is Outlook mail And Microsoft worked to change the name in 2007 and became Windows Live Mail instead of Hotmail, and in 2012 the name was changed again and became Outlook.

Email is one of the most important tools used on the Internet. It helps you communicate with websites, companies, and even friends. In addition, the nature of the email you use is sometimes very important, especially if you are applying for an official application on the Internet under any name. Hotmail is one of the most popular types of emails. It provides a very professional service, and we have previously learned how to create a Gmail account without a phone number easily, as well as the best sites to create an email, but in today's topic we will learn how to create a Hotmail account easily, how to use it, and how to adjust email settings for more use Hotmail professional.

What is hotmail?

It is considered one of the best sites where the e-mail service is available, sending and managing e-mails, as Hotmail is specialized in the free e-mail service that is available for free.

Hotmail is a service that provides the ability to create e-mail on the web. The site was founded in 1996 AD. The service was aimed at providing greater freedom for Internet users at the time to obtain e-mail. This name was taken from one of the famous programming languages, which is HTML. Within one year, the number of subscribers to the service reached about 9 million, after which the Hotmail service was joined to the MSN service owned by Microsoft for $400 million.

Hotmail features

There are a lot of great features that this service provides us that helps us to better use and have easier access to our emails, let's get to know the best of these features.
  • It has a smooth and simple interface and is easy to use.
  • Supports all languages ​​including Arabic.
  • Those who have a Hotmail account can access all Microsoft services through only one account.
  • It is possible through Hotmail mail to enter the Skype program without the need to download the program or enter the Skype website, as Hotmail provides this inside it.
  • Use the automatic replies to reach the senders, an automatic reply that you are busy or you will not be able to reply, or otherwise, click on the gear above and choose “Automatic Replies” and then make your own message for the automatic reply and it can be programmed on specific days only.
  • Through the Hotmail account, you can edit and open Office files.
  • It gives all Hotmail account confirmation users free and unlimited space for email messages.
  • Undo Send
You can activate this option if you want to have the feature of undoing sending a specific message after sending it within a maximum period of 30 seconds, then go to the settings gear, then options, then activate the “undo sending” option.

If you have accounts on a cloud storage site, you can add it to your Hotmail account so that you can easily attach files from it, go to the settings gear, then options, then activate the “Storage accounts” option.

It is possible to access your Hotmail mail from various devices, whether mobile or computer.

It is possible to link the Hotmail account to all accounts of social networking sites, and you can receive email notifications from them directly.

It is possible through Hotmail e-mail to display all the images on the page without having to download them.

Sometimes you may find that someone is bothering you or sending messages continuously to you, so you can put his email in the list of blocked accounts and therefore he will not be able to message you again, from the settings and then options, add his email.

The Hotmail account is very secure, without any spying or hacking by others.
  • Live Chat
Using Hotmail e-mail saves you a lot of trouble using live chat programs such as Live Messenger or Skype and others, where you can use these programs directly from your mail without having to install them on the computer.
  • Supports the Office package
Hotmail mail also supports the ability to open and modify files in the form of Microsoft Office package programs without the need to install the package on the computer or download files from the email.
  • Sync with Outlook
If you are using a Hotmail account, you can synchronize with your email on Outlook and connect the two mails to each other so that you can read all incoming messages on Outlook on Hotmail.
  • connect my email to Microsoft Office
Through it is possible to read all the Office files attached to many messages without resorting to downloading them.

It is possible to modify and edit it and then send it again and redirect it.

With this feature, you now have an Office program that is opened through the Internet, so it is considered as a browser.

Create a Hotmail account on your computer

Go to and click on the word Create a new account. Write the e-mail address that the user wishes to create, provided that the address has not been previously used by one of the other users. Select the Hotmail domain instead of the Outlook domain and press the word Next.

How to create a Hotmail account

By following these simple steps, you can Create a Hotmail account on your mobile with ease, while making the best settings for an optimal use of your Email login.
  • Go to the Hotmail email registration link from this link.
  • You will enter this page by clicking on “Create an account”.
  • Type your desired email as*****
  • Replace the stars with the name you want, create a strong password, and click Next.
  • Type the first name, then the last name, then click Next.
  • Select your country, then add the date of birth, then the next.
  • The next step is to confirm the account by linking it to your phone number, choose the country, then type your phone number, then press "Send Code".
  • You will receive a verification code on your phone, enter it and click Next.
  • You will receive a verification code on your phone, enter it and click Next.
  • Select your language and time zone.
  • Then by choosing a background for your account interface.
  • You can add your own signature that appears at the end of each message.
  • Now wait for a while for your account to be set up.
  • the creation of a Hotmail email was completed with ease.
Create a Hotmail account on your mobile

Create a Hotmail account on your computer

Create a Microsoft account

Hotmail account confirmation

Create a Hotmail account

How to permanently delete your Hotmail account

At first, Hotmail is logged in and logged into your email by entering your username and password in the relevant field.
The Sign in option is pressed.
  • After that, you will enter the icon with 3 dots next to your profile picture and click on the More mail setting option, and thus a menu will appear for you, go to the option Managing your account and click on it, where a new page appears, click on the Close account option at the end of the page 
  • Then a page appears that wants to tell you that when you close the account, you will not be able to return to it again.
  • Therefore, if you want to stop your account, you must type your password and press Next, bearing in mind that it is possible to restore your account again within nine months, by registering your email and entering it again, and therefore if it has been suspended for nine months, you will not You can return to it again, which indicates that your account has been canceled.

How to use a Hotmail account on smartphones

  • Download the Microsoft Outlook app from the Google Play Store from this link.
  • After downloading and installing the application, sign in to your Hotmail account via Outlook.
  • How to use Hotmail account on iPhone
  • You can use Hotmail without any applications, just follow this path:
  • * Add Account< Accounts < Mail < Settings.
  • Then choose Outlook and add your Hotmail account.

The most important frequently asked questions about how to create and create a Hotmail 2021 email account

Hotmail is one of the largest services provided by the giant Microsoft since its early years, so it is one of the oldest sites for email services, and it also contains many nice features in addition to a simple and easy to use interface, and has won the admiration of many of its users, which increased From his fame and increasing his audience.

Is there a difference between Hotmail email and Outlook mail?

Hotmail is the same as Outlook, it was upgraded, developed and changed its name in 2013.

Is a Microsoft account required to create an account on Hotmail?

Those who do not have a Microsoft account login can create a new account at any moment on Hotmail, access Outlook email, enjoy all Microsoft services, see the calendar, get plenty of storage space, access contacts and much more.

How to configure Hotmail account settings

For a professional use of Hotmail, we will configure a set of settings that will make your mail appear professionally, in addition to learning how to use Hotmail.

Does Hotmail account open on mobile devices?

Hotmail account can be opened from different mobile devices or computers with all their different systems.

Is it possible to access Skype without downloading a Hotmail email?

It is possible to move through the Hotmail mail to the Skype program without having to download it, or to enter the Skype website, because it is available within the Hotmail email.

Is it possible to open office files through Hotmail?

Through the Hotmail account, it is possible to open and edit all Office files without downloading them, and the Hotmail account can be linked to all accounts of social networking sites as well, such as Facebook and Twitter, and all notifications can be received from them on Hotmail mail directly.

The email signature feature allows you to create your own signature on your Hotmail account so that the signature is automatically included in all your messages, or even replies or forwarded messages. You can do this from Settings, then Planning, then "Email Signature".