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Download Anime Slayer 2022 for Android with a direct link

Download anime slayer 2021 anime slayer for PC, Android and iPhone for free, latest version

Download Anime Slayer 2022 for Android with a direct link

Download Anime Slayer Apk, the latest update, with a direct link for Android and PC, so that you can watch the most famous and latest translated anime movies on Android phones and iPhones, as this application allows you to follow movies and series that show the anime, as there are a large number of users from all over the world who are fond of Watching translated and dubbed anime, the most famous of which is the anime series , the developers were keen to provide them with a free Arabic application, which is Anime Slayer, in order to provide them with all anime movies and series so that their fans can follow them closely from within the application with ease, and to know the latest episodes and the latest events. All this and more. You can enjoy it by downloading Anime Slayer on phones Smartphones for Android and iPhone.

Now, through the Anime Slayer application, it is possible to watch the best and newest anime movies on iPhone and Android devices, by downloading the application that allows to follow all the series and anime movies that millions of people around the world follow, and has received wide popularity among them, and for this reason the developers have taken care to work on an application that allows They have all the anime series and movies to watch at any time, by downloading the Anime Slayer application and to learn about the latest episodes, and enjoy them through the application on smart phones, whether iPhone or Android,It is noted that since the application was released on its first day, it has won the admiration of many users interested in following animation, anime, and manga, and its download rates have increased recently, especially for Japanese animation, which has found wide popularity in Arab countries.

What is Anime Slayer app?

Download Anime Slayer is an application that includes thousands of cartoons and animations, and some have thought that this application is only for children, but this is not true at all, many anime films have been released for different age groups, as for the original meaning of the word anime is in Japanese And its meaning in the English language is Animation, meaning that in the Arabic language it means animation.

It is known that Japan is one of the largest countries in love with the field of animation and anime films, so it is considered one of the makers of this type of films for that, as it includes 430 studios, not for all films that are filmed inside Japan, but it was made specifically for the manufacture of anime films, as for the first animated films Animations in Japan were released in 1917, so they are films with a long history since ancient times.

You can also install the Anime Slayer application for free for smartphones without having to pay any fees or monthly subscriptions, and this feature in particular is one of the most advantages that made the application very popular and popular among many users.

Anime Slayer is one of the applications specialized in animation films, and some may think that it is for children only when animation is mentioned, but this is not true at all, as there are multiple versions that are compatible with all ages, and the meaning of the word anime is a Japanese word and its meaning Animation in English, and in Arabic Animation.

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It is worth noting that Japan is one of the countries that loves most anime or animation, so it excels in making this type of film, and there are about 430 studios dedicated to these types of films. It is one of the films with an ancient history in the world, and the application can be installed for free on iPhone and Android phones, without paying any kind of subscriptions or fees, and it is one of the best features of the application, and therefore it has spread widely in many countries of the world.

The Anime Slayer application is considered one of the most important applications for animation at the present time, whose number of users has reached more than one hundred thousand users around the world, and it has been able to obtain a significantly high evaluation rate through its fans and users.

How to download Anime Slayer for smartphones?

  1. Anime Slayer is downloaded from Google Play.
  2. Choose Download Anime Slayer or Download and wait until the download is finished, and you must make sure that you are connected to the Internet, so that the download is done well.
  3. After completing the download of Anime Slayer, go to the downloads page, then choose the name of the application, and then click on the next option, then click on the option to install or install in English.
  4. After completing the installation step, we open the Anime Slayer application by clicking on the option to open, and then you can start using the application and enjoying it.

Additions in Anime Slyer V1.5.0 update

  • Added new custom menu.
  • Profile improvements and the addition of new data.
  • The ability to choose the type of anime from my list.
  • Add the most important contributors.
  • Comments system improvements.
  • Add the ability to cancel likes and comments.
  • Possibility to save anime characters and images.
  • Add all-new seasons lists.
  • Add a new content category.
  • Add dark and gray theme to the application.
  • Add a feature to report annoying comments.
  • Added feature to hide annoying comments.
  • Detach the quick launcher from the Anime Slayer app.
  • Link your account on Anime Slayer with Facebook, Twitter and Gmail account.
  • The ability to watch your other friends' favorite anime characters.
  • Adding the advanced fast search feature within the Anime Slayer program.
  • The ability to search for anime characters and get information about the most popular characters.
  • Scan and add your recommendations.
  • Several improvements and bug fixes have been added to the app to make it work more efficiently.

After downloading and installing the new Anime Slayer update, if you encounter a problem, you can download the old Anime Slayer from the direct links at the end of the article.

How to download Anime Slayer for PC and Laptop from Mediafire with a direct link?

There is no official version of the application for computers, but there is a way to run Anime Slayer on the computer. First, you must download the Android Bluestack emulator, and you can download Bluestacks on your computer or laptop through the following link

  • open the link to download Anime Slayer APk from Mediafire located at the end of the article.
  • After downloading the application, we click on it and open it and start installing it on the emulator.
  • open the application after completing the installation and enjoy watching anime movies on the computer through Anime Slayer with ease. If you encounter a problem running Anime Slayer on the computer, leave us a comment and you will be answered quickly.

How to login to anime slayer after downloading it?

After clicking on the open button to download the application, the application will ask you to agree to the privacy policy, and then you must click on Continue.
Wait for a while until Anime Slayer is downloaded for iPhone, and then the main application screen will appear in front of you from which you can enjoy the application and watch the latest movies and series available within the Anime Slayer application.

Anime Slayer 2021 Features?

Downloading Anime Slayer has many unique features and characteristics that made it the number one application among many other applications related to this matter, so it has received the approval of many users from different countries of the world, whether Arab or foreign, and among those advantages that it enjoys The application are:
  • It includes a huge library of all the anime series that you may think of, and with each of them, the release dates and all updates are attached.
  • It provides Arabic subtitles for all the movies and series shown on it.
  • It gives you more flexibility, as its work is not only limited to watching, but you can download the episodes you want and watch them later and at any time.
  • It is completely free from annoying ads, and has a small size that does not exceed 12 MB, so it can be downloaded easily without the need for a large space in the phone.
  • It sends you notifications of the daily episodes of many series, and provides you with all the information and details you want to know.
  • It gives you the ability to choose the quality of the videos you want to watch, as the available quality includes: high, medium, low, very low, very low, and you can choose depending on your internet speed.
  • The most advantage of the anime slayer apk is its lightness as it is characterized by a very small size, and therefore it does not need a large empty space inside the phone to be downloaded, and its presence on the phone does not impede the movement of other applications and does not obstruct the movement of the system Operation as its size does not exceed 12 MB and is therefore valid for use on smartphones with little space.
  • The application contains a lot of cartoon films or animations, which are admired by adults and children alike, through a recent list that includes many series, cartoon films, and old films for fans of old films that have wide popularity, and which topped the list of revenues when they were shown, including King Lion, The Beauty and the best, Toy Story, and many more films that have had wide echoes before, and in the application there are the most beautiful and most famous cartoon films.
  • Another feature of the application is the translation. If you do not speak English, you can watch movies according to a professional translation in Arabic for films and cartoon series, which is one of the features that found wide resonance among users.
  • The application does not need a high speed in the Internet or a strong network, the application can work at a weak speed of the Internet, so it is an alternative to the YouTube application, which consumes high rates of the Internet, and there must be a high speed to be able to play movies and series, the Internet signal should not be less than 3 GB or 4 GB.
  • Downloading Anime Slayer for Android contains many distinctive cartoon films that impress children and adults as well, as it includes a large list of the latest films and cartoon series, and it also provides some old films that have been widely popular and have received great revenues in international cinemas, such as King Lion and The Beauty and the best, Toy Story, and other films that attract attention, and inside the application there are the most beautiful and famous cartoon films, which is the company of horrors.
  • One of the most important things that users are looking for within applications is access to the program that achieves their purposes and goals and through which they get real fun without paying any money or any monthly subscriptions, and therefore a large number of users have downloaded the Anime Slayer application in very large numbers.
  • anime slayer does not need to run movies and series a very strong internet, but it works even in weak internet networks, and therefore the application is an essential alternative to the YouTube platform, which takes a lot of megabytes and needs a strong internet signal no less than an application that does not need to run movies and series The Internet is very strong, and it even works in weak Internet networks, and therefore the application is an essential alternative to the YouTube platform, which takes a lot of megabytes and needs a strong Internet signal of at least 3g or 4g.
  • It is worth noting that the developers and creators of Anime Slayer have intended this application to support many smartphone operating systems, the most important of which are the Android operating system and the iOS operating system, as well as the ability to use the application on personal computers and laptops with ease by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of the topic .

Anime Slayer settings

  • Anime Slayer settings are divided into the settings of the application from the inside and the settings of the main interface of the application, which are as follows:
  • You can click on the three horizontal bars located in the left part of the application interface and next to it the word “Latest Added Episodes” by clicking on it, the following list will appear:
  • Latest Added Episodes: From there you will see the latest episodes that have been added on the platform to show a large list of movies and series.
  • Latest Added Anime - Anime List: It is through which you can see the latest added anime and you will find next to each anime a star sign in case you want to keep the anime in your favourites, in addition to clicking on the word story to quickly know many information about the anime and the story of the movie.
  • Movies - Series: It is a special section, each of them includes some movies, and the other section contains many series with the history of each movie and series, and each of them is arranged alphabetically according to the alphabet so that you can forget to search in an easy way, in addition to providing an upper search platform to write the name of the movie or series Easily.
  • Anime I want to watch: It is where you will find all the movies and series that you have clicked on the star sign next to or kept in the favorite anime box, so you can return to it at any time.
  • Episodes’ release dates: You can easily find out when the episodes of movies and anime series will be released so that you can know their dates to follow them and watch them as soon as they come down on the application. Movies and TV shows.
  • how to download Anime Slayer on the iPhone?
  • Unfortunately, until this moment, there is no official version of Anime Slayer for iPhone, but soon the application will be launched on the iOS system.

Download Anime Slayer app for Android latest update for free 2021