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Download Google Play Store for PC 2021 Google Play for free all Windows

Download Google Play Store for PC 2021 Google Play for free all Windows

Download Google Play Store for PC 2021 Google Play for free Windows 10, 7, 8 with a direct link

Note: Before starting to explain the download of Google Play on the computer, you must know for the sake of knowledge only that there is no program or store called Google Play for the computer, but there are for phones running the Android system, but there are official ways to use the Google Play market store on the computer easily, and this is what we mention below and to you the explanation.
Download the Play Store for the computer 2021 the Android store for the computer exclusively The full explanation with pictures of how to run the Android market application Google Play on the computer and download applications and games from it for free, you can now enjoy all the Android applications and games on the Play Market for phones and download them on your device The computer quite easily through the Google Play Store program for the computer, google play download for the computer.

The Play Store for the computer or Microsoft Store is the interface corresponding to Google Play or the app store, but it is dedicated to the computer, and it is just like it, with applications and games for the computer, and there are free and paid ones, and you can search for any application by clicking on the word Search at the top Oath and write any application you want and our topic today is about a completely widespread application called Bluestacks. You will know what the application is and how it is used in detail.

Whatever type of smartphone you use, you will surely be familiar with the Google Play Store for mobile, which is one of the most important applications ever for all Android users, because they spend a lot of their needs on this application, as this application is the best place from which they can get all kinds of Applications and games, whether free or paid, as it contains songs, movies, e-books, audio and many other important files, and downloading the Google Play Store for PC is considered 2021.

In 2008, the first version of the Google Play Store was released, which was under the name Android Market, which was of course subjected to development, update and addition, and from here its name changed to Google Play, which came for free on all types of phones running the Android operating system, which you can register Accessing it through a Google account, the wonderful thing in owning the Play Store for free on phones, you will be able to update and download free programs easily and without any financial costs or risks to your system and your phone, and from this topic, you can download the Google Play Store for PC to enjoy all the wonderful advantages that this application gives you The wonderful.

In this topic, you will be able to get acquainted with a review of the wonderful Google Play application and many details and advantages about it that increase your love for this application. You can also go to the end of the topic to get the free links so that you can download the Google Play Store for PC with a direct and free link without paying any material fees, whether Before or after downloading, but if you want to know more about this application, you can continue reading this topic, which gives you everything you want about this program.

play store for computer

The Play Store for PC is divided into multiple and varied categories, so users of the store, through google play download for the computer, can download many games, books and applications for mobile phones that run through the Android operating system, such as photo editing applications and social networking applications, and then run these games and applications on a device Computer All this without incurring any fees. Google Play Download for PC
play store for computer

Of course, we all know that the era that we live in now is the era of technology, and one of the most prevalent technology methods are mobile phones that run the Android operating system, where the young before the old use them now. It is widely used around the world by users of smart phones and tablets, as it is not free of a mobile phone running the Android operating system from the Google Play Store, and it is used by 10,000,000,000 users, according to the latest application statistics,The Play Market is one of the most important products of the giant Google, the owner of the famous Google search engine, and its goal is to provide the ability to download applications and games for smartphones from one place that makes it easy for the user to access and download through it without worrying about the level of security and privacy that he enjoys when using the store.

Features of downloading Google Play Store for PC 2021

Through this paragraph, we will learn together about the advantages of this distinguished application, which differs greatly from other applications that provide a similar service, because it is characterized by the quality of the source and the security of updates and downloads from it.

The wonderful thing is that the Play Store market includes a lot of comments on applications, even if you are looking for an application in a particular field and do not know the best application for this field. Presenting it to you as follows:
  • A complete library of audio:- The wonderful Google Play application contains a special section for music and songs, through which you will be able, dear visitor, to listen to songs and download them completely free of charge and admire them as well without having to purchase them from their source or download them illegally through any other site, And the great thing is that you can listen to previously listened audio files that you liked.
  • Easy to buy audio files:- The Google Play application contains millions of different audio tracks that you can listen to and like, and there is music that you can buy and download on your phone and enjoy permanently without having to enter the application.
  • An integrated electronic library on one application:- From downloading the Google Play Store for Windows 10 PC, you can find a special section for e-books, which includes millions of books in one application, where you can access and buy the latest e-books without difficulty, and it also contains an audio book service, including You can download audio books that you can listen to instead of reading them. Google Play is one of the best electronic libraries around the world, and the book publishes all new books on it so that users can easily access it.
  • Are you a video lover?, this application is the most suitable for you:- The Google Play application has a very cool feature that is manifested in a service that was recently added to the application, which is watching movies through some traditional methods such as buying new works or renting videos that were recently Download play store for pc through the store As soon as these documentaries are released, without the need for you to go to the cinema, the cinema is all on one application, you can also live the cinematic atmosphere by buying or renting these videos on your phone or computer and then watching them or connecting your device to a larger screen and watching it on it, or through Android TV screen.
  • The applications are all in your hands:- After downloading the Google Play Store for PC 2021, you will get all the applications you want in any field you want because any developer or app designer takes the first step during the launch of his application is to put it on the Google Play Store and the pc app store download, so You will find any application you are looking for.

If your phone is new or you have erased all its data or made a factory reset, you need to download all your favorite applications again through the Google Play application. You will be able to do this very easily. The release of a new update for any application, the store will automatically start updating this application.
  • Unlimited games of all kinds:- One of the most important features of downloading the Google Play Store for PC is that you will be able to download everything you want from the best and latest games, where you will be able to download the PUBG game on the computer and simply download the Call of Duty game on the computer, and that is why the store allows you a lot of games The wonderful in all its types, both dark and light, will definitely help you spend the best times of playing solo or playing with friends.
  • Your opinion is taken into account:- Google Play Store for PC One of its most important goals and advantages is that it seeks to provide the best possible services to its customers, and this appears in being a neutral application as it provides for every application, game, music, movies or other a special section for comments for the user to put an evaluation His use of the service and adding his comment about his desirability of the application, music or game or the extent of his displeasure with it, and this in itself is a very impressive thing because it allows a user who is about to download a game, application or music to read the opinions of other users and carry out the evaluation of this file and then decide Whether it is appropriate for him or not.
  • A special section for news, newspapers and magazines: From downloading the Google Play Store for the computer, you will discover that it is a program that is most distinguished by its comprehensiveness, as it offers many wonderful services in one application divided into many sections, and one of those sections is the Press and News section, from which you can follow newspapers. And the news of your country with the ability to search for world-famous newspapers, and in it you will find many news areas such as sports, science, technology, women and others.

how to run the Google Play Store on the computer with pictures

As we mentioned previously, there is no such thing as Google Play Market for PC or something similar, but what we are doing today is to provide ways and methods to enable users to open the Play Store on the computer, and this is done through what is called Android emulators, and there are many of them, such as Bluestacks The famous and also Knox App Player, two of the best Android emulators, and today we will explain how to run the Google Play Store on the computer through BlueStacks and Knox App Player.
  1. Run the Google Play Market through the Knox App Player program
The first and best way to run the Google Play Store on the computer is through the Android emulation program Knox App Player, which is one of the most famous and best programs that run applications and games that run on the Android operating system on computers by simulating the Android operating system and then you can download all applications And the games on the Google play store app download and install and use them on the computer, just like in smart phones, with a preference for control and a larger screen.

To run the Google Play Market on your computer via the Knox App Player program, all you have to do is perform the following steps:
  1. Download Knox App Player from the download links below.
  2. After the download is finished, install the program like any normal program you install on your computer.
  3. After you have installed Knox App Player on your computer, open it and you will find the Google Play Store inside it and you can download applications and games from it easily.
  4. You can also see how to install and use the Knox App Player program that is used to run the Play Store on your computer, the full explanation from the video below

How to download Google Play Store on a computer via Bluestacks

You also know, dear visitor, that the Google Play Store is one of the most important and best Google services provided for Android smartphone systems, which of course does not work directly on the Windows system, but through an easy way that we will provide for you so that you can enjoy all Google services easily.

You can download the google play store download for the computer without any obstacles or without having to pay any material fees, just follow the following steps and you will be able to download games from the play market on the computer or programs or whatever you wish. You can get it from the steps:
  • In order to run the Google Play application on the computer, it must be installed on an Android emulator so that you can enjoy all its services. One of the most famous and best emulators that you can install on it is the BlueStacks emulator.
  • After downloading the BlueStacks emulator, install the emulator on your computer through the file you downloaded, and then open the emulator, on which you will find the famous Google Play icon.
  • Click on the Google Play icon and then sign in with your Google account or create a new account, and then you can enjoy all the benefits that this application provides you with.

How to install games and applications in APK format from Knox Player

  • We click on the icon in the bar to the right of the application, such as the image.
  • Then we press OK.
  • Then we choose the downloaded file for the game or application that was previously downloaded for the game or application, and then we click on Open. Knox Player will install the game or program on the interface.

BlueStacks System Requirements

The program is also continuously updated on its own in order to speed up the process of running various applications on the computer, with the various advantages that Bluestacks provides to users, there are disadvantages that some users face, including the slowness of the user’s computer when running the program or waiting for a period of up to 120 seconds In order to run a game or application on your computer.

Language settings in Bluestacks

Language and input: It is specific to changing the language, but many people face a problem with it due to misuse, but it is very simple, and when you enter it, you will find the language chosen at the beginning of the program’s installation and another default, and often the first is and the second is English, as shown in the picture , but I want to change between them. You will make an exchange, which is to drag the second language and raise it higher, a process called Swap and very simple, and if you want to add a language that does not exist, you will press add language and choose the language you want.

Retrieve Windows files: Its function when you click on it will allow you to choose any application in the APK format and upload it to the program, and you can install it naturally as any application you downloaded from the Play Store.There is also a program called App Center, and this application is very excellent and allows you to play the most popular and most downloaded games and programs
  • Display, which is the resolution of the game and the quality that you want to play on, there are low and high, and choose according to the capabilities of your device, and you will find Resolution, set it as you like, there are options from the program and there are settings for you from Custom Size, specify the resolution you want, and there is System Default which is the default settings .
  • Engine, which is the engine for the game, and you can choose DirectX or OpenGL either of them, and you can also specify the number of cores you want to play on, there are up to 8 laptops or computers, and you can also specify the amount of RAM that the program uses, but not less than the recommended space It is 2400 megabytes.
  •  Boss Key It is the button to hide the application and you can change it as you like, by placing the letter you want in the empty box.

Is it possible to download the Google Play Store on the computer?

You can download google play for your computer via (emulators), regardless of the version of Windows.

What are the steps to start a new account on the Google Play Store?

  • Enter the Google Play Store from one of the downloaded emulators.
  • If the user already has an active account, he must enter the account information, including a login name and password.
  • Here the user selects the word Create a new account.
  • The user enters the necessary data such as (user's first name, last name, date of birth and nationality)
  • The user must type his/her e-mail.
  • The user must create a new password, and then type it again for confirmation.
  • Then click on Finish, and the registration is completed.
  • The user now has the right to download all the applications he likes.

Download Play Store for PC - google play Download for PC

  • License: Free
  • Software Developer: BigNox Corporation
  • Program size: 360MB
  • Software Category: Computer Software
  • Operating system: play store download for pc windows 7
  •  / Win 8 / Win10 /32 bit / 64 bit

Download Google Play for PC (download link)