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Download Windows 11 Windows IOS 2021 ISO from Microsoft with a direct link

Download Windows 11 Windows IOS latest official version 22000.120

Download Windows 11 Windows IOS 2021 ISO from Microsoft with a direct link

Download Windows 11 with a direct link from MediaFire for free from the official Microsoft website and the method of installation through our “usanewtech” site, the new version 2021 Windows 11 ISO with a direct link from MediaFire from the Windows operating system, the most used operating system, especially for computers in the world.

The operating system developed by Microsoft, the well-known company that was established in 1975, has released many programs for computers. It gave us Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, and now it gives us Windows

There are many operating systems that are used to operate computers, and Windows 11 is one of the operating systems used for this purpose, which is considered one of the latest operating systems of Microsoft DOS, which was established in May 1975, where the company has released many versions that have been continuously updated to suit With different computers, the company has also been interested in adding some features and distinctive interfaces to these systems, which every user desires and makes it easy for him to deal with the device and take full advantage of it.

In this topic, we will tell you a little about how to download Windows 11 with a direct link, which is a special folder that shows you a new form of Windows through a very simplified method. Totally for the operating system, and we will also show you how to download the wonderful Iron Man theme, which will give a new and special taste and look to your system interface.

Download Windows 11 full version from Microsoft with a direct link from mediafire iso

The Windows operating system is one of its most important programs that revolutionized the world of operating systems for various electronic devices, especially with the graphical interface that moved computers to another world of development. Download Windows 11 full version from Microsoft.

In this article, we will shed light on downloading Windows 11 with a direct link from MediaFire, its advantages and disadvantages, how to download Windows 11 from MediaFire with a direct link, , etc, and the installation steps.

What is Windows 11 system?

Microsoft is one of the first companies to compete with other operating system companies such as the Mac system, as it has become used by many users of computers. Microsoft has collected information about the needs of users in the system used to operate the devices.

The Windows 11 operating system is the system that was released as an alternative to Windows 10, which suffered from its use by many due to its multiple defects and the problems that users face in dealing with it and with the device as well. The system is easy to use and take advantage of.

Windows operating system versions from Microsoft

The first operating system for computers appeared in 1981, but it had old features as it was based on the old DOS system, and it continued to be used until it was developed and updated to multiple versions suitable for users.

Microsoft, which is responsible for operating systems, released Windows 95, which was released in 1995, which was developed and updated until it became one of the most used systems around the world by computer users, but it included some defects that the company got rid of through other versions that were released.

The operating system was developed to Windows XP, which was released in 2001, which had more comprehensive features than the previous version, but there were some flaws as well, as Windows 7 was released and then evolved to Windows 8 and updates rolled until the release of Windows 10, which is The latest operating systems that many people struggle to use.

Although the company introduced the latest version of Windows, the Windows 10 operating system, it lacked a lot of capabilities that made it difficult to use, which led the company to seek its development. To develop and update the Windows 10 operating system, and no new versions have been released on the operating system.

Download and install modern Windows 11 for free from the official Microsoft website

Windows 11 full version from Microsoft is available with a set of features that make it easier for the user to download and browse and meet different needs, the most important of these features are:
  • The ability to upload various files to the cloud by dragging and dropping directly to the desired location, quickly and easily.
  • Download Windows 11 full version from Microsoft provides two basic forms of backgrounds, the first is related to the background of the Windows logo, and the second is related to history and various tools.
  • Windows 11 official version gives you quick access to the power options, which makes it possible to change many things about the platform such as the font.
  • The Windows 11 operating system is also characterized by the fact that the text is automatically adjusted in the system according to the colors in the background image
  • It is also possible through Windows 11 to quickly search for various access tools easily by typing the name of the tool in the search space.
  • In addition, the new operating system provides the user with the possibility to customize the background and control of those wishing to Windows Explorer.
  • The system provides the ability to enlarge the tools in the Start menu in a way that contributes to their visibility clearly.
  • The listening system is a feature of Windows 11, which can be easily changed as desired.
  • Aero glass transparency is a new property that was added in Windows 11 in the playlist.
  • It includes a large number of distinct designs and programs that meet the needs of users in various businesses.
  • The colors in Windows 11 are automatically adjusted to suit the desktop background.
  • Turn off and turn on the screen easily because it is available in the taskbar.
  • The system provides the ability to see notifications of system updates on the desktop because they appear automatically in a way that contributes to the rapid update.
  • A number of modifications have been added to the start menu and to the start screen menu.
  • The ability to upload files to the cloud by dragging the file and dropping it or directly dropping it to the place where it is required to be placed in it, easily and quickly.
  • Windows provides two types and two types of backgrounds for the taskbar, the first is called the Windows logo background and the second is called the background of tools, history, and a group of tools.
  • The system provides quick access to power options which enables the ability to change the line and other system related matters of the device.
  • The ability to quickly search for any tools and access them easily and conveniently by typing the name of the tool and what we want to search for. Where to search.
  • Windows 11 ISO system provides seeing system update notifications on the desktop as it appears automatically, which helps to perform a quick update to it.
  • The ability to enlarge the tools in the Start menu, which helps to see them more clearly.
  • The ability to turn off and brighten the screen easily due to its availability in the taskbar.
  • A number of tweaks have been added to the Start Screen and Start Menu as well.
  • Always have a listening feature and change it according to the user's desire and convenience.
  • Setting the date and time, which has been added to the bar on the side of the screen, which enables to know the time and date quickly and easily.

Disadvantages of Windows 11 new version

Despite the many advantages of downloading Windows 11, there are a number of defects and problems, but they do not strongly affect the handling, the most important of which are:
  • The screen or some programs that are running turn red or orange while using it.
  • Windows is one of the paid systems for the responsible company, Microsoft DOS.
  • It is governed by some settings that make it difficult for the user to control it and to change its settings according to personal use.
  • The user may find it difficult to adapt and deal with the system in the event of its recent installation, which can be overcome through the use of the system and the device, which makes him get used to the new form and the correct way of use.
  • At the beginning of using the system, the user may feel unable to deal, but this needs practice until the user gets used to the new look and the correct method of use.
  • The new operating system is a paid operating system from Microsoft Corporation.
  • There are some settings that govern the operating system that it is difficult for the user to make any adjustments according to personal use.

How to Download Windows 11 Official Version

The Windows 11 program can be downloaded to the device by following specific steps that differ from the steps for installing the system on the device. The steps to download the program are:

Download windows 11 final full version

Download Windows 11 full for PC

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Download original windows 11 for pc

Download Windows 11 Windows 2021 with a direct link

Download Windows 11 full version

Download Windows 11 ISO File

Download the new Windows 11 2021

Download Windows 11 ISO (32/64 Bit) 2021

Download Windows 11 Windows

Download Windows 11 full version from Microsoft

Download Windows 11 Windows with an explanation of the installation

Download Windows 11 Direct Link ISO (32/64 Bit) ISO 2021

Download Windows 11 ISO Official Version

  • Windows 11 64-bit can be downloaded through a number of easy steps, which are:
  • Open the Google Chrome browser and type “Windows 11 download” in the search space of the program and click on search. You can also download through the link below the article and it will go to the download link directly.
  • Many pages from which the program can be downloaded will appear, we click on one of the trusted pages and click on the download link.
  • We wait until the system is loaded onto the device and do not press or give commands to the device until the download is complete.
  • We restart the device and follow the steps to install the program on the device.
  • Windows 11 can be downloaded through the download link at the bottom of the article.
  • It is important that the program is downloaded through a trusted page by clicking on the download link.
  • You must wait for the download process to finish and no command should be clicked during the download until it is complete.
  • After the download process is finished, the device must be restarted and the installation process should begin.

Windows 11 installation steps

The process of installing Windows 11 on a computer requires a set of easy steps if they are implemented as required. These steps are:
  • Put the Windows CD or flash drive in the designated place and then perform the installation steps.
  • Choose the language, then click on the word Next.
  • After that, the activation key codes are written down and the word Next is pressed.
  • The next step is to choose the type of Windows 11 2021 pro and then click on the word Next.
  • You must also put a check mark in the small box under the selection of the type of Windows and then click on the word Next.
  • The user will be taken to another page containing the word upgrade and the word custom. The word custom is selected.
  • The next step is to select the disk on which to install Windows, then click Format and then click Next.
  • After that, it is waited for the installation process from the Microsoft website to be executed and restarted.
  • Then the Windows color is chosen according to the customer's taste, and then the word Next is pressed.
  • After that, write down the name, then the pin, and then press save and pack.
  • The next step is to select the country and language and press Next.
  • After that, the window that appears in front of the user is closed, and Windows 11 has been installed on the computer.

Windows 11 operating system interface

The Windows 11 operating system has many features that greatly facilitated its handling and use, and it has a distinctive and more attractive interface that is characterized by quality, sophistication, and keeping pace with the times and technology. The Windows 11 interface is available with new effects such as the glass effect, which makes icons and windows appear with very attractive and distinctive glass effects. And this feature in the interface of this system has helped in the ability to see all open files at the same time and see the desktop as well, which is the most distinguishing feature of this new system.

Microsoft has put many new updates in the systems that are being launched and issued, as these updates are one of the things that have increased the attraction of users to this new system, as the company has searched for the needs of users and how to meet their requirements and provide their needs in the new system that is being developed, so it The company is developing newer and more advanced applications, and the company also takes this matter into account in its other products.

Microsoft's interest in users is evident in the huge amount of updates it offers to the versions it releases, and the new Windows 11 themes can be obtained by downloading them first and installing them on the device by following the installation steps, and we find Dark Skin Pack among the most popular and attractive themes to users.

Windows 11 64-bit operating and download requirements

Download Windows 11: windows 11 requirements
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster with two or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or system on a chip (SoC)
  • RAM RAM: 4 GB.
  • Storage: 64 GB or greater. TPM version 2.0 Graphics card compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver.
  • Display: HD screen (720p) larger than 9 inches and 8 bits per color channel.

These were the most prominent requirements for Download Windows 11 Windows IOS for free 2021 ISO original with a direct link, follow the rest of the requirements for running Windows 11 as described on the Microsoft page through the following link: from here.

Download Windows 11 full version from Microsoft

Windows 10 Upgrade to Windows 11 - Windows 11 Compatibility Check Tool

A month ago, Microsoft made it possible for all of its users to check the compatibility of the Windows system on their devices with the new Windows 11 update. She went back and pulled the tool and replaced it with the option to download the tool soon, as shown in the image below

The most prominent new additions after downloading Windows 11 64-bit
  • Download windows 11 32 bit provided users with many improvements and new additions, the most prominent of which are the pictures attached to each tool separately:
  •  Run Android applications via the computer through the simulation system known in advance, where the user can open Android applications directly via the computer through independent windows in the form of a phone
  • A complete redesign of the Windows App Store, where new games and new applications for the computer were added and supported, which were not present before in the Microsoft Store, such as the Adobe Creative Suite applications package. The download speed of games via the Microsoft Store has also been improved without the previous CPU stuttering and slow download issues.
  • The Start menu has become in the middle with the ability to change its location to the right or to the left, and the list contains recently used files, in addition to installed applications and programs, in addition to a bottom bar to close, search and restart.
  • The App Snap feature has been added to group important applications together within its own widget, to facilitate access to them directly. Among these applications is the Microsoft Teams program that was completely added within Windows 11.
  • The search bar extends along the top menu in windows, and the shape of menus and windows has become circular instead of square, and features have been added to control open windows faster and easier than before.

Is it possible to reinstall Windows 11 on a computer after upgrading?

Yes, it is possible. By using the Windows application, you can get the free upgrade offer. In addition, the clean installation will be done on the same device, and you will not need to go back to the previous version of Windows 8.

What is the difference between Windows 11 and Windows 8?

  • The graphic interface: Windows 11 has been distinguished by very advanced graphical interfaces, different from the destinations of previous versions of Windows, as it depends on ultra-clear colors, as for Windows 8, it has not changed significantly, as it did not change the shape of the graphic interface, but rather kept the same version that distinguished Windows 7, I also use the start menu as a home page for Windows.
  • Design: Windows 11 relied in its design on making some updates in the majority of the features of the Windows 8 version, moreover, it supported the use of a number of new elements on the home page, and on the contrary, the design of Windows 8 was different from the version of Windows 7, and this version of Windows was rejected Because it doesn't have a start menu, and it's turned into a full screen.
  • Software support: Windows 11 can handle all applications that were compatible with all previous versions of Windows, as it can support all programs that were released in the last quarter of 2015, while Windows 8 supports all previous applications such as Windows 11.

Download Windows 11 for free with a direct link - 6.99GB size

Microsoft Windows had previously announced that Windows 10 will be the last version that the company will release.

But with the huge developments that have taken place in the technology of operating systems and after Windows 10 failed to meet the needs of users.

The company resolved to fix all the problems and errors that exist in the Windows 10 operating system by releasing a new version.

Download Windows 11, the latest operating system from Microsoft, which provides modern methods that help users meet their needs with the tremendous developments that have affected all aspects of computers and the Internet.

Through Windows 11, the company tried to avoid the problems of Windows 10 and develop the system to suit developments in the world of computer technology and the Internet.

Download Windows 11 2021 full version final new version