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Download 123 Media Player 2021 for PC and mobile latest version

Download 123 Media Player 2021 for PC and mobile latest version

Download 123 Media Player 2021 for PC, Android and iPhone latest version Code Classic

Note Links to download 123 Media Player Classic on computer and mobile with a direct link below, but it is recommended to read the topic before downloading.
Media Player 321 Codec Player 2021 is an outstanding player thanks to its small size, low memory consumption and unique features that make this player the choice for playing media, but you will need to add codecs to perfect this program. Media Player's interface reflects its ancient name and origins. This amazing player replaces four or five players installed on most systems. But be aware that you have to download a whole bunch of codecs to play your favorite video formats.

123 Media Player Classic is an excellent player that provides users with all the privileges and features with the lowest size and the best performance without consuming the device’s resources, with the features and characteristics offered by this push 123 video player to be the best program for playing media and videos.

What distinguishes the 123 program is its simple interface, which has won the admiration of millions of users, as well as its support for playing all video formats in full quality up to 4K, in addition to the ability to import text and audio subtitles and other features, so you can download Media Player Classic by following this guide.

You can download 123 media player classic for the computer, as it is one of the programs capable of playing media files. Video and audio on all different Windows systems, in addition to the media player classic It is one of the most famous programs that have been dedicated to playing media, which is known to many users from around the world, where many resort to it in order to play the most difficult video formats in the world. Media companies around the world, as they have made a global boom in the world of media, as it plays a lot of large audio files in clarity than any other program that also contains difficult formats that are in high quality HD.

About 123 Codec Player 2021 123 Codec Player

It is one of the most famous and most widely used media player programs, as Media Player 123 allows you to play DVD discs easily with control over the playback speed, with support for playing all audio and video formats, which drives it to be a more than wonderful music and video player thanks to the settings and filters that allow you to control the The level, quality and clarity of sound and image easily, with the possibility of creating multiple playlists for your most prominent music clips and videos.

123 Media Player 2021 123 Codec Player also downloads and plays DVD discs easily. You will be amazed at its ability to increase or decrease the reboot speed. This program also plays most audio file formats and contains audio filters and playlists. Keyboard shortcuts can easily be changed, but some users are annoyed with fuzzy keyboard shortcuts.
Download 321 Media Player Classic

One of the most important programs that must be available on the computer is the media player, especially after formatting and installing a new Windows so that you can listen to audio files and view videos, in light of the availability of many media programs and video playback software, video player 123 appeared to us, which proved its efficiency and met all the needs Users in terms of performance and appearance to be the best player.

This prompted millions of users to download Media Player Classic program to play all video formats, as it provides you with solving most media playback problems due to unsupported video formats. In the case of playing large, high-quality videos, although it supports weak devices.

You can download the 123 program completely free of charge as it is open-source, lightweight, and compatible with all 32/64-bit systems, with its support for playing video subtitles efficiently. The interface of the 123 program for PC is simple and traditional and carries old memories for most users. It has a set of distinctive appearances and templates.

The only problem in 321 Codec Player 2021 is that it is not possible to search for the desired video title and the download function, as the default address databases are not connected. You can change the title easily from the options and it does not need to be experienced. to use this free program.

Media playback software is one of the most sought-after programs by the user after each process of formatting and installing a new Windows because it cannot be dispensed with. In this field, many giant companies compete to obtain the satisfaction of users by producing and developing a program that suits their needs and overcomes the problems they encountered in other programs and we have today. The codec program is well known, where we will address the most important advantages and disadvantages of the program.

With a comprehensive review of it, the program is very similar to the famous VLC program as well. The program has a simple and easy to use interface with its great support for all operating formats, whether video or audio. It is also a free program and does not represent any load on the system, as it works on the least capabilities with ease.

Download 123 Codec Player 2021 to play video for free

media player classic has been able to compete with many major media programs, such as Real Player, Q Player and many other media programs, and media player classic for PC was released in 2003 and has already managed to become one of the best and greatest Media programs around the world, as the 123 program is characterized by great image quality and ease of performance.
  • Download 123 for PC 2021, the latest version, with a direct link to play videos in all formats on computers. And full control of the font size in the place designated for it and helps in the playback of all media with its extensions
  • 123 Codec Player is a completely free program, the latest Arabic version with a direct link, the latest update without paying any fees or money, and it also works in many languages.
  • Codec 123 for PC supports video file formats including mp4, mov, rmvb, mpg and audio files, including mp3, mpc, amr, ape and others. Through the Arabic Codec 123 program, which allows you to create playlists.
  • It provides all the means used in playing multimedia in high quality, in presenting and delaying a video clip, and in full control of the volume of the program, in stopping and playing audio and video, and operating radio channels and listening to the radio. It is free and compatible with all operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
  • It has a simple interface that is easy to handle and through which you can fully control the operation process, in addition to that it supports all file formats and works with all extensions and competes with other media programs, including VLC Player, KMPlayer, RealPlayer, Winamp and others.

How to install 123 Media Player on a computer with 64, 32-bit operating system

To take advantage of the 321 Media Player Classic program, it is required to carry out the download process of the program on the device first, which must be done according to the following steps:
  1. We open the Google Chrome browser and type the name of the program in the search engine “Download 321 Media Player” and then click on the search sign. You can also use the link provided at the bottom of the article, which will direct you to the direct download of the program.
  2. A page will appear containing a set of pages that provide the download link and you must choose the best of these pages, which do not cause any harm to the device during the download process.
  3. We click on the download link and agree to the terms that the site displays, then wait for the download process to begin.
  4. A screen will appear with the program's download percentage and you must wait for the download period to expire.
  5. After the download process is completed, the program will appear in the interface of the device, we open the program and follow the installation steps for it on the device.

Steps to download Media Player Classic 2021 for Android

You can download 321 Codec Player on your mobile phone by following the following download steps:
  1. We open the Google Play Store and type the name of the program in the search engine "321 Codec Player" and then click on the search sign. You will find direct download links below.
  2. We click on the program icon and then click on the install command.
  3. The download sign will appear and you must wait for the program's download period to expire.
  4. We open the program after the completion of the download process and then install it on the device.
  5. 321 Codec Player is not as important for mobile devices as it is for computers, despite the availability of many media drivers, but this program means the best, which can be greatly benefited by understanding the correct use of it.

Features of 321 Media Player for PC 2021 Media Player Classic

  • 321 Codec Player 2021 is characterized by an easy and flexible interface, although it is a bit primitive and lacks development and update, it is easy to deal with, as it contains a set of icons and commands that are used to play videos and sounds and control them and other things related to the program in general from settings And other things that we will explain in detail.
  • The program is free and does not require an annual or monthly subscription fee. 321 Codec Player 2021 is completely free and does not require you to activate it via a serial or the like. You can simply download the program for free.
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be used to control the 321 Media Player Classic program. Although many users avoid dealing with these shortcuts, they help to facilitate dealing with the program and benefit from it faster and more, as they are available on the keyboard of the computer and can be used easily.
  • It does not need prior experience to deal with it, as I mentioned that Codec program to play all videos is easy to use as well. It does not need prior experience because the lists are few and the program’s function is one and clear, which is to play media files with all extensions, so you did not need to be a professional in the information field so that you can deal with The program, you can watch the video below in case you encounter any problems.
  • When you open the program, we notice the appearance of its interface, and you can open any videos or audio files either by dragging the file and placing it in the program, which is called the drag and drop feature, or by clicking on the video or audio file by clicking on the right side of the mouse and then choosing Opened with 321 Codec Player, the file can also be played by opening the program and opening the video through the settings options at the top of the interface.
  • Ease of setup and customization in the program Another great feature is the ease of setting up and customizing the program when you install, meaning that you will perform three operations at the same time. You can choose the settings that suit you and customize them according to your desire. By the end of the installation, you have completed the setup of the program, only the enjoyment of the media remains.
  • The user may face problems shutting down the program or encountering malfunctions in the work, which requires re-downloading the program again, but we find that this problem does not occur in the latest version of the program, as it may face those who download the older version of this program, which can be avoided by downloading the latest version to enjoy the features of the program.
  • It's a stable video and audio platform. If you've used an older version of Windows Media Player, the 321 Codec Player 2021 123 Codec Player should be very intuitive. The controls are where you'd expect them to be, the menus are straightforward, and the player doesn't crash or close when It encounters an unfamiliar file type (which is rare anyway), and it's also relatively unregistered, which means it starts up quickly and runs smoothly even on older computers. However, it doesn't support video streaming.
  • The program provides the ability to fill the screen or reduce it, this can be done through the icons that are available at the top of the program interface, the sign indicates screen reduction, and the square sign indicates screen enlargement, and the program can be closed by pressing the “X” sign, and By pressing the right side of the mouse twice in succession on the program interface, the program can perform the process of enlarging the screen, full screen with the video, or reducing it as well.

The most important frequently asked questions about Media Player 2021 for PC, the latest version.

Media Player is one of the oldest and best programs that help the user play audio and video files, so there are some common questions about the program that we will provide you with the answer in the next lines.

What are the uses of Media Player 2021 for PC, the latest version?

It is considered one of the programs that work on the Windows operating system, so you can download the program on the computer easily, so it is one of the programs for a multimedia player, and it is easy for the user to play audio files easily and also video files. around the world.

Does the Media Player application support high quality in watching different videos?

surely; The Media Player Classic 321 application supports watching videos in different resolutions, which reach a resolution that is one of the purest and best viewing quality for videos on different computers.

What kind of computer operating systems does the Media Player Classic application run on?

Media Player Classic supports all Windows operating systems on your computer from the oldest version to the latest version.

Does Media Player Classic 321 support different languages?

surely; The application supports all languages, including the English language, which helps ease of use for all users, and the absence of any obstacles in use and the large amount of language supported by the application helps to increase the number of people using the application, which helps to increase the scope of the application's popularity easily and easily and preferred by many .

Details of 123 Media Player Classic for PC, Android and iPhone:

  • Program name Media Player Classic
  • Producing Company MPC-HC
  • Compatible with Windows, Android
  • Program size varies by operating system
  • The latest version of the program
  • Program release 9 - September - 2021.
  • Program language Multilingual

Download 321 Media Player for PC and Mobile 2021 for free with a direct link