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How to use the computer in office work

What is a computer?

How to use the computer in office work

A computer or computer is a device for processing, storing, and displaying information. In the past, it meant a person who performs the calculations. Now the term universally refers to automated electronic machines. The first computers were used to perform numerical calculations, and because the information could be encoded digitally; Humans have realized that computers are capable of processing general information, and their accuracy and ability to handle large amounts of information has expanded their use to reach their ability to predict the weather, and the speed of their work has allowed them to make decisions about direction Telephony over the network and control of mechanical systems such as cars, nuclear reactors, and robotic surgical instruments.[1] It can be said that the first computer was in the form of a counter or chip base invented by William Oughtred in 1622 AD, but the first computer that resembles modern machines was the Analytical Engine, a device Designed by British mathematician Charles Babbage between 1833 and 1871.

Computer use in office work

Computers are used in office work to facilitate work and raise the efficiency in which the company is managed. Companies do not use computers only to carry out some office work, but also use many different types of computers to carry out these functions. Thus, the uses of computers in office work vary, and these uses:

  • Communications: Computers are vital tools for communicating with customers, and they save and archive these communications, and the various tools available on these devices such as e-mail, Skype and other programs are communicated, and when the company is able to communicate with its customers, customers can communicate with the company as well and inquire about information, business activities and any other work-related developments, and computers play an important role in the Company's communication with its employees; Instead of having one-on-one meetings with them, messages can be sent via email or any other communication platform, and this method saves time and improves internal communication in the company.
  • Marketing: Computers allow businessmen to perform a set of tasks. Beginners and with the help of the Internet can put a business on the map. IT developers can create professional and sophisticated websites. The company’s search engines can be improved, enabling it to reach the largest number of customers. Businessmen can also Create and implement complete marketing campaigns across social media platforms in addition to the possibility of conducting commercial advertisements for the provided product or service.
  • Accounting: The accounting process needs very high accuracy, and by using computers, you can avoid mistakes that a person can make when he uses his mind, a paper and a pen, and thus the computer gives accurate and correct numbers. These devices are also useful for billing customers, maintaining debit and credit data, calculating employee payroll, and many other tasks.
  • Storage: The computer stores information and files, whatever their size, in a virtual space that does not take up space from the company as it was in the archive rooms before, which occupy very large areas and store a limited number of files. Through computers and servers, the company stores millions of files in addition to the ease and speed of access to them when needed. The company can also store its data in a central location and make computers able to access it at any time, and in addition to the digital storage capacity, it is more effective due to the level of data and information sorting, which is one of the biggest advantages of the computer as it is more secure and files are difficult to lose or steal From a well-protected database.
  • Document production: Most companies need to produce multiple documents either in the form of written documents or spreadsheets, and computers provide word processors and spreadsheet software to help with this, with these two types of software a company can create almost everything from memos to letters to tutorials And reports and advertisements for the company's services and products, and business people can create presentations using presentation software and create memos and letters using word processing software.
  • Educational purposes: Computers are also used to educate employees about company policy, computer uses, etc.; Instead of hiring educators and trainers for employees who can be taught using webinars and live question and answer sessions, through the Internet and computers employees can access a vast world of information.
  • Research: Computers are useful in searching for competing companies and for customers' requirements and needs everywhere through modern data mining techniques. Information can be obtained on forums, search engines, and websites for industry, commerce, and various sectors of interest to the company.

Advantages of using a computer

The computer has made human life easier due to its high speed and accuracy of storage, and it is a multitasking and flexible machine in performing functions and has many features and benefits such as:

  • Multitasking: Multitasking is one of the most important features of the computer. Multiple tasks and operations can be performed and numerical problems can be calculated within seconds, and the computer can perform a trillion tasks or orders per second.
  • Speed: The amazing speed of the computer has made it essential in human life now; It helps in completing tasks and works in a short time and executing all operations at a tremendous speed compared to the time required to complete them before its existence.
  • Cost and storage of huge amount of data: The computer is a low-cost solution that can save huge data with a low budget, and the central database for storing information is the main advantage that can reduce the cost.
  • Accuracy: Accuracy and accuracy are among the advantages of the computer that make it work on complex calculations with high accuracy that is not subject to error.
  • Data security: The computer provides security for stored data from superpowers and from unwanted actions from unauthorized users.