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What Makes a Person Fun

How to be funny and lovable

Many people seek to win people’s love and establish many relationships and friendships, and a person can learn social skills and practice them to succeed in communicating with others and establishing friendships, but some qualities increase the attractiveness of the individual without making any effort, and one of the characters that everyone prefers is the personality Fun, which combines being funny and lovable at the same time, and funny characters are characterized by the sincerity of mutual feelings with people.

The happiness and lasting joy of the cheerful personalities, they are far from depression and sadness and try to spread the smile and positive feelings, which makes those around them feel confident and optimistic when dealing with them, and funny individuals have the ability to transform negative events around them into funny scenes and happy memories that everyone remembers with joy without offending They are people who are not hard to please, they don't wait for perfect conditions to have fun, while gloomy people wait

The ideal circumstance free of noise, boredom and anything annoying so that they go out and enjoy their time, and these people are characterized by spontaneity, they do not plan what to do, and in fact they may feel anxious and act seriously in important events, and in some cases may show the side of extreme emotions in some situations.

How to be funny and lovable

The most characteristic of funny people is that they do not claim their wit, which makes them more likable and more capable of making new friends, and if you want to become a funny and likable person, you must change your entire personality to become more charming in the eyes of the people around you through exercise Accordingly, several steps are taken, including:

  • Trust yourself: Self-confidence is essential to being funny and able to tell a nice joke during a conversation. The more confident you are, the more capable you will be of joking and entertaining others. The more fun you are and people are attracted to your conversations, the more confident you will be. It is a mutual relationship.
  • Change your view of the world: always try to see the humor in the events that are happening with you, overcome boredom and loneliness and try to take everything simply without making situations serious; Because constant frowns, seriousness, and hypersensitivity give a sharp appearance to the personality and make it difficult for others to deal with, but the ability to turn situations into something funny makes you more spontaneous, and increases the love of others for you.
  • Look at all things cheerfully and positively: the funny character tries to simplify all things, and people are attracted to the character who tries to raise their concerns and make them feel optimistic. If you encounter a negative personality that tries to frustrate those around it, be the one who leads everyone towards fun and positive energy.
  • Always be smiling: a warm smile and a cheerful laugh bring you closer to people's hearts and make them feel comfortable and at ease with you.
  • Read new jokes: Read new jokes or watch funny videos that allow you to use them in your conversations with your friends easily, and you don't have to use the same phrase as it is, you can change it according to the situation.
  • Laugh with others at your own mistakes: Telling people funny stories about yourself or embarrassing situations you've been through will relax them and have fun with you, but don't appear ashamed, stressed, or worried about looking like an idiot. Just laugh.
  • Introduce people to fun and new activities: you can take your friends to places they haven't been before and lead them to have fun, and instead of responding routinely to events, you can come up with new and crazy activities and get everyone involved.
  • Ask people interesting questions that raise curiosity and surprise: such as asking them about the most embarrassing and funny situation they were exposed to, or the strangest place they visited or the best day they spent in their lives, this will make them feel comfortable, happy and entertained, and they will love you more because you cared for them in a fun way.
  • Learn a few tricks and show your talents: Someone with the skills attracts people to them, and you can dance well in front of them, sing if you have a good voice, or impress them with some paper tricks.
  • Try to spend more time with funny people: Laughter is contagious and leaves an impact on those around us, and increases the interaction of others.
  • Avoid imitating others' ways of laughing and joking, and be a special character in joking. Avoid making fun of others, hurting their feelings, or putting them in embarrassing situations.
  • Constantly practice having fun and stay away from the opposite adjectives.
  • Accept other people's criticism positively and choose the right time to crack jokes.
  • Use jokes to relieve stress and sadness in others.
  •  Avoid excessive joking and laughter.

Tips to be more likeable

Everyone tries to build their relationships on the basis of exchanging love and affection with others to make the relationships last longer, and the lovable personality who sincerely loves attracts others to her, so they prefer to deal with the owner, listen to him, help him and spend time with him, and in order for the person to be loved, the following tips must be followed:

  • Listening is important, when you listen well to others, and listen to their problems seriously without getting bored in order to gain the trust of others.
  • Try to find out what other people are feeling and if they are trying to hide it, and help them reduce their feelings of anxiety or sadness.
  • Take care of those around you: Put your cell phone down and focus on who's in front of you instead of getting bogged down in the social media world.
  • If you're visiting while checking your email or texting, you'll fail miserably at building a relationship with the people in your real world.
  • Share with others their life events and interests.

  • Always smile and be optimistic, and try to make those around you laugh.
  • Show your feelings spontaneously without hurting anyone, and focus on the positive side only in people.
  • Be nice in dealing with others, and always give without waiting in return and make them feel grateful when they help you even through the word thank you.
  • Reconcile people and spread Feelings of love between them.

How to be a fun parent

Parents should raise their children so that they can be responsible and kind in dealing with people, and they should give their children happiness, fun and entertainment and at the same time be firm with them, as the child feels very happy when his father is not only a father but also a cheerful friend with whom he plays a game And his outings and times, if you want to bring joy to your child's heart, you must follow the following steps:
  • Listen to your children: Try to give your children enough time to listen to their problems, aspirations, or even how their day was, as listening to them will not only make you a friend to them but will give them self-confidence because you gave them attention.
  • Play with them: Play hide-and-seek games with them at home, make sure you win sometimes, and play with them outside; Like football, running.
  • Teach them: You can teach them anything you do. For example, if you fix some things in your house, teach them what you are doing, or if you paint the walls of the house, let them help you and learn from you, and try to create a fun atmosphere while working, they will love working and have fun with you at the same time.
  • Take them to new places: For example, take them to a newly opened park with a unique theme park.
  • Read with them: Read a book with them that contains attractive and surprising information; Like books about animals, modern inventions, or planets.