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How does YouTube help in education?

What is the use of YouTube to students?

What is the use of YouTube to students?

Education is one of the most important measures of peoples' civilization, progress and access to a stage of organized intellectual independence. Education also plays an important role in eliminating backwardness, reaction and dependency on states and individuals.

as it enables them to confront the most important social problems; such as poverty and unemployment, and finding innovative solutions to the most important obstacles; Such as narrow cities, population growth, limited natural resources and others, and the development of education contributes to collecting information that drives its role For cognitive and intellectual development, and makes man able to crowd out all this competition in the era of knowledge, technology and communication, and to devise suitable alternatives for everything that is important and non-existent.

Education is defined conventionally as the discipline that is concerned with teaching methods in educational environments, such as; Schools, universities, institutes and centers, and it represents the stage of transferring the cumulative knowledge values ​​of the whole society, and it is one of the pillars that unite and agree on humanity.

Discovery and innovation to give the world a new useful science that contributes to the progress of the entire universe, and all countries share the presence of a ministry concerned with education affairs within its ministerial team, and this is only because they realize that educating children is the most important way and the surest bet for the desired renaissance, despite the existence of various differences in terms of the curriculum. curriculum and the sequence of grades; The child begins with primary education, then preparatory education, then secondary education, then moves to the university stage to obtain a bachelor’s degree, followed by the stage of postgraduate studies, which is attended by those who want more knowledge, such as; Masters, PhD, and Professorship students.

What are the teaching aids in education?

Educational means have developed over time, as they began with indoctrination in scribes, science lessons in small gatherings in mosques, then schools were built, and paper and pens were used in education, then the use of chalk and whiteboards appeared in schools, and then whiteboards and colored pens, and then technology entered into The educational process, as computers began to enter homes and schools,Then digital boards and smart devices that were used in the educational process appeared, and it became important to rely on digital knowledge to complete, clarify and document information.

Undoubtedly, the great interest in the multiplicity of teaching methods stems from the importance of innovation, keeping pace with the progress of the times, and overcoming monotony and boredom in the educational process. There are many important methods used in the classroom, and the following are mentioned :
  • educational resources, such as; Books and encyclopedias from which students take references and sources, which are an essential and indispensable element, but the teacher is keen to include it in periodic research.
  • Tools and materials, and it is one of the most important and fun ways, such as; Telescopes, globe, stereoscopic, plants, etc.
  • Technological visual teaching aids, such as; Watching video clips, or displaying on a digital screen related to the topic of the lesson.
  • Audio technology, such as; Listen to an audio recording or a lecture of a character in a specific field.
  • Auxiliary means that help in fixing the information in the student's mind, such as; Pictures, maps.
  • Field trips to factories, theaters, universities, educational centers, etc.

Why YouTube is important for teachers

Many websites have appeared that have contributed to enhancing the educational process, and played the role of a link between the teacher and the learner. The most important of these sites are; YouTube, which specializes in displaying videos and delivering audio-visual scenes to those interested as if they are living in it, and it is a free service that allows users to watch, upload, download, share and comment on videos on personal computers or smartphones, and it has been very popular and successful, and it is the king of The giant Google company specialized in software and electronic matters, and there are several uses for YouTube in the field of education, and the following is an explanation of this :
  • Show a video or a news report on a global issue and ask students what they think of what they saw; To help them think constructively, and learn about the course of world events around them, as well as to help them possess expressive terms in speech.
  • Make sure to learn from trusted channels, because posting videos on YouTube is very easy, and correct information may be mixed with incorrect information, as the content of the video must be checked before viewing.
  • Subscribing to a limited number of YouTube channels, as some channels display one or more videos during the day, and it is impossible to watch them all, so it is recommended to subscribe to 3-5 channels at most.
  • Show students inspirational videos such as short stories that are no more than 5 minutes in length, are often silent, have a noble moral value, and are a way to make students more in touch with their feelings and emotions.
  • Presenting archival clips of the city in which the school or university is located, for example, as students notice the development and difference that occurred over the years.
  • Watching scientific experiments, especially dangerous ones that the teacher cannot conduct in a small laboratory, or experiments whose materials are not available to him.
  • The ability to repeat some clips, it is good that a person is able to control the number of times what can be viewed on the site, which contributes to the consolidation of information for the learner, but attention must be paid to the necessity of applying practical issues so that the information is completed in practice, in many cases even repeated viewing For a specific subject related to a practical reality is not sufficient and is not complete without application.
  • The ability to create an educational channel that explains some materials and curricula.
  • Use YouTube videos to view previous research.

Best educational youtube channels

YouTube abounds with many educational channels, but a group of them has emerged until it has millions of followers from all over the world. Best YouTube Channels :

  1. Crash Course: Teacher John Green shows many great educational videos on this channel, and he has over 5.6 million subscribers.
  2. ASAP Science: Includes a weekly dose of fun and entertainment by Mitchell Moffett and George Brown, with over 6.3 million subscribers.
  3. The Royal Institution It is a channel that specializes in everything new in the scientific arena, with more than 667 billion views.
  4. Veritasium is a science channel featuring excellent videos, experiments, interviews with experts, and discussions with the public, with 4.2 million subscribers.