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How do I choose the right laptop for you?

Laptops are one of the electronic parts that we can never give up, because of their great role in various fields such as study and work. But like other electronic parts, laptops are only designed to last for a few years, so you need to buy a new one after the old one stops working, or even if the speed of your old one becomes too slow.

So, in our next article, we will explain to you how to choose a suitable laptop. If you want to update your laptop, or you want to buy a laptop, you should continue reading this article to the end in order to choose the right laptop for the work you want to do.
How do I choose the right laptop for you

How to choose the right laptop for you easily

Because there are so many laptops in the market, buying a new laptop is one of the most difficult purchases you can make right now. Therefore, we will talk about the most important points that you should take into account before buying a new laptop:

What do you want to do on your laptop?

This point is one of the most important things that you should think about before buying a new laptop. For example, if you want it for office work, such as using Office programs, browsing the Internet, or dealing with databases, you will need a computer with a powerful processor and large random memory (RAM). But you don't need a powerful graphics card or a large storage memory, as well as the keyboard should be comfortable in your hands, as you will use it for long periods. But if you want it to surf the Internet and watch videos (that is, as an entertainment device only), then a computer with an average processor, high random memory (RAM) and a high-resolution screen will suffice you as well.

And if you want to produce media, work on photo-editing programs and video montages, or even want to buy a gaming laptop. You will need a high specification device. From a powerful processor from the latest Intel, gigantic RAM, and a powerful dedicated graphics card. And of course you will need a large high-resolution screen.

Weight, size and portability

How to choose the right laptop for you easily

While most buyers don't think about this point, it is one of the most important things to keep in mind. All companies offer computers of all sizes and weights, from very light laptops (such as Netbooks with an 11-inch screen) to very heavy laptops (machines with screens that sometimes reach 21 inches). This is in addition to the medium sizes, which range from 13 to 16 inches approximately. Therefore, when you choose a laptop with a lighter weight, you will make it easier for yourself to carry and move around with the laptop.

You should pay attention that the relationship between size, specifications and price is inverse, that is, the more the laptop you want to buy has good specifications and small size, the price will be high, and vice versa. So you have to choose the right size for you and your budget as well.

The operating system the laptop is running on

In general, Windows is the most popular operating system in the world of computers and laptops. This is because it is the best system for most of the different work that you can do on these devices. In addition to being the only operating system that supports most different types of games. Therefore, if you want a simple operating system capable of dealing with various types of programs and games, you should undoubtedly choose Windows.

As for the macOS system, most people who buy computers that support this system (Apple computers) are only for the applications intended for it.

Screen type and resolution

The operating system the laptop is running on

Screen size and resolution in laptops has always been related to personal comfort, so that the higher the resolution, the greater the pleasure of using the laptop and eye comfort while using it as well. Especially if the purpose of buying this device is to watch movies or various games. So you should take your screen resolution into consideration before making a purchase.

Also, most manufacturers now provide laptops with screens capable of sensing touch (touch as well), and with the great development in operating systems and their support for touch screens, you can only consider these screens as well if you want to buy the perfect, most powerful screen currently on the market.

The purchase price and budget

Because of the large difference between the prices of laptops in the market today, from hundreds of dollars to a few thousand dollars sometimes. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the price of the laptop you want to buy, knowing that these devices lose a lot of their value during the process of selling them, in addition to the fact that this process is very difficult in a market that contains millions of new devices with low prices and acceptable specifications. Therefore, you should pay close attention and choose the laptop that fits your budget. You should also consider the possibility of replacing this device approximately every three years, or updating it if it is upgradable.

Why should you update your laptop?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, laptops, like other electronic devices, are designed to run very efficiently for only a few years. So that the laptop battery can get damaged, or the processor can lose its speed and high performance. Therefore, you should always update your laptop to ensure the speed and performance you desire.

But if you want to make the most of your laptop, you should follow these steps:

  1. First, to conserve the battery of your device, avoid charging the battery for full cycles (from 0 to 100 charge percentage). Therefore, you have to keep the battery charge between 20 and 80 percent to achieve the longest life
  2. Try to avoid overnight charging (keep the laptop connected to the charger during the night)
  3. Make sure to download system updates periodically and continuously. Because these updates help your device maintain its speed and performance as much as possible
  4. In the event that you own an adjustable laptop, you should increase both the internal memory and the RAM to increase the speed and performance
  5. Try using different methods and programs that help speed up your laptop