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best laptop operating system

Operating System

best laptop operating system

The operating system or as it is called OS is a program that acts as a link between the end user and computers, and each computer must have at least one operating system, and applications such as Chrome application, MS Word application, and games need an operating system to carry out its task ; It helps the operating system to communicate with the computer without knowing how to speak the computer language, and operating systems were first developed at the end of the fifties to manage tape storage; The General Motors Research Laboratory implemented the first operating system in the early 1950s for a device called the IBM 701.

In the mid-sixties operating systems began to use disks for the first time, and in the late sixties the first version of the Unix operating system was developed; The first operating system created by Microsoft was DOS in 1981 with the purchase of 86-DOS software from Seattle, and the popular current Windows operating system debuted in 1985 when a graphical user interface was created and paired with MS-DOS.

best laptop operating system

The Windows operating system is the most familiar to most users. Microsoft released its latest version, Windows 10 in 2015, and it has improved greatly compared to previous versions such as Windows 8. The advantage of Windows operating system is that it has a very wide range of software available; All kinds of software are available for the Windows operating system from business software to home computing applications, and the only drawback of the Windows operating system is that it has security issues, because it is the target of a wide range of malware, and it is important to keep the operating system up to date, and there is a large class of people who They consider the Windows operating system to be the best operating system.

One of the interesting contender for the best laptop operating system is Chrome OS; Google Chrome OS is a lightweight competitor that has taken over the market, Chromebooks run on a simplified operating system which is basically just a Chrome web browser with some modules on the desktop, Chrome, Chrome apps, and Android apps can be accessed, Chrome OS can be It is the best operating system for laptops because Chromebooks are simple, update automatically, sync with Google Drive for file storage, require no antivirus software, and most Chromebooks cost between $200 and $300.

Windows operating system features

The Microsoft Windows operating system contains a wide range of features, tools and applications that help the user make the most of the Windows operating system on the user's laptop. The most important tools and applications in the Windows system are the following:

  • Control Panel, which is a set of tools that help the user configure and manage resources on his laptop.
  • Cortana Virtual Assistant is a virtual assistant available in Windows 10.
  • Desktop The desktop is an essential part of the default graphical user interface in Windows, which is a private space where the user can organize applications, folders, and documents that appear as icons, and the desktop is always in the background, in other words, the desktop is behind any other applications.
  • Application Manager, in Application Manager shows the applications installed on the computer, and allows the user to view installed applications, view, update and also uninstall applications.
  • Disk Cleanup, remove any temporary files, or remove useless files.
  • Event Viewer is a tool that displays errors and important events that occur on the user's laptop.
  • File Explorer, displays all files and folders.
  • Internet Browser The Internet browser is one of the most important applications on a user's laptop, and it can be used to find all the information on the Internet, view web pages, shop and buy goods online, watch movies, play games, and much more.
  • Microsoft Paint, a paint system that provides basic functions for drawing images, resizing and rotating images, and saving images as different types of files.
  • Notepad Notepad is a simple text editor that can be used to create, view and edit any text files.
  • The notification area, also known as the system tray, displays the date and time, shows icons for programs that run with Windows, and provides online status and a speaker icon for adjusting the volume.
  • Power User Task List, with this tool you can open Control Panel, Device Manager, File Explorer Manager, Task Manager, and more.
  • Registry Editor, allows the user through this tool to view the Windows system registry, and registry editing keys.
  • Settings This tool allows you to change many things, such as changing the desktop background, adjusting power settings, changing review options for external devices, and more.
  • The Start Menu is a list of applications and utilities installed on the user's laptop, and it can be opened by pressing the Start button on the left side of the taskbar.
  • System Information, provides information about the user's laptop.
  • Taskbar, running some specific programs.

Chrome OS Features

Among the most important features of Chrome OS are the following:
  1. Chrome OS focuses on the most important part of a user's computer which is their web browser.
  2. Its interface works 100% on the Internet.
  3. Chrome OS eliminates the time you spend hitting the desktop, as the fastest PC only takes 45 seconds to load.
  4. Nothing is stored on the user's computer, Chrome OS is literally 100% web-based.
  5. Chrome OS is free.
  6. Chrome OS is open source.
  7. Chrome is not Android.
  8. There are no desktop applications; As everything is based on the web.
  9. When the direct connection to the Internet is lost, the user cannot store or access the data.