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Best gaming keyboards for 2021

The 7 Best Gaming Keyboards of 2021

Best gaming keyboards for 2021

It is currently difficult to decide which type of keyboard is best for gaming due to the many strange names and ambiguous terms used by gaming keyboard manufacturers and sellers for the purpose of convincing people to buy their products, but according to PC Gamer, the Corsair K100 RGB Optical Keyboard is The only keyboard that deserves a score of 5/5 for the year 2021; This is because this keyboard has keys for multimedia control, a metal wheel for volume control.

 and a wonderful distribution of RGB lights ,It has a very strong and distinctive build, as well as the wonderful response to the keys, the speed of the fingers moving over it while pressing it, and the great feel when using it as well, but remember that this keyboard is expensive and you may need to spend more than $ 200 to get it, so it may be more appropriate to mention other types Of the keyboards that compete with this keyboard in terms of features and price, including the following:
  • Mountain Everest Max Keyboard: This keyboard has a score of 4.5/5 according to the PC Gamer website. It contains keys for multimedia and sound and has a very cool design that may outperform the previously mentioned Corsair keyboard, and by the way, it is one of the most famous mechanical keyboards, but the problem is in its price As high as $270.
  • HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Keyboard: This keyboard features multiple RGB lights that reach up to 16.9 million degrees of light, making it one of the favorite keyboards for RGB lovers, but the problem with this keyboard is that it lacks additional buttons, which prompted PC Gamer to give it a score of 4.5/ 5 Although it is very popular among game lovers due to its competitive price of $90 on Amazon.
  • Logitech K840 Keyboard: Logitech is known to be one of the leading manufacturers of gaming equipment in the world, so it comes as no surprise that the Logitech K840 keyboard has a 4.5/5 score on PC Gamer, and you can get it for just $90 But the problem with this keyboard is that it lacks many of the features that game lovers aspire to; As the many RGB lights and multimedia control keys.
  • Additional reviews and keyboards: According to the ratings of TechRadar, which also specializes in games and technology, the SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboard is the one that deserves to be in the first place in the list of the best keyboards for 2021, with five stars and a price of about $200, followed by both types following:
  1. Razer Huntsman Elite.
  2. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo.
  3. Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768.
  4. Cooler Master MasterSet MS120.
  5. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum.
  6. Havit Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard.
  7. Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition.
  8. SteelSeries Apex 3.
  9. Razer Cynosa V2.

How to choose a suitable gaming keyboard for your use?

Try to ask yourself the following questions when choosing the most appropriate gaming keyboard for your needs:

  • Is it a mechanical keyboard or a membrane?: It is known that the mechanical keyboard is the most suitable keyboard for games because of its great sensitivity to pressure and speed of response, while the Dome keyboard comes in second or middle place, while the Membrane keyboard comes in third place and has good sensitivity, but Not suitable for extensive use.
  • What is its price?: The prices of gaming keyboards vary a lot, the mechanical keyboard is the most expensive of them all, and you may need at least 80-130 USD to buy an excellent quality mechanical keyboard.
  • What are its colors?: Keyboards come in a variety of colors, but you may find many of them come in red or blue, and there are other types that come in more diverse colors, and here comes your role in choosing the most suitable color for you.
  • What is the layout of the keys in it?: The number of keys in gaming keyboards and their functions also vary, and here you have to determine the nature of the work or tasks that you will perform on the keyboard to choose the keyboard that is best for your needs.
  • What is its shape?: There is no doubt that the shape of the keyboard will play a key role in pushing you to buy it and prefer it over other existing keyboards; The proper shape of the keyboard will make you feel comfortable when using it.

Why buy a gaming keyboard?

The gaming keyboard can make a big difference in your winning and losing in your favorite games, and the gaming keyboard provides additional features and things for you, including:

  • Comfort: owners of gaming keyboards feel more comfortable while using these keyboards compared to users of regular keyboards, especially while engaging in competitive rounds or matches for long periods of video games.
  • Fast typing or typing: This is due to the fact that most gaming keyboards have mechanical rather than diaphragm keys, and this enables the user to quickly press the keys making gaming faster and smoother.
  • Additional keys: Some gaming keyboards have additional keys or Macros keys, which you can assign to many functions while playing your favorite game.
  • Beautiful lights: This feature is undoubtedly the most striking feature of the gaming keyboard, and the beautiful light from the keyboard makes gaming more enjoyable on the ground.

What is the difference between a gaming keyboard and a regular keyboard?

Many insist that there is no fundamental difference between a gaming keyboard and a regular keyboard, and this is of course not true at all; Gaming keyboard manufacturers put everything related to games and players’ needs in mind when they manufacture gaming keyboards, which is why gaming keyboards originally have many features and features that are not found in a regular keyboard, such as multimedia control keys, RGB lights, And the additional macro keys that allow you to program and assign multiple commands to one button.

 the mechanical keys are fast unlike the membrane keys found on the regular keyboard, and gaming keyboards are equipped with special programs that enable you to improve and customize the keyboard, and these things in their entirety aim to enable players to compete While they are involved in competitive rounds and matches, and in the end, it is the features that are found in gaming keyboards that make their prices much higher than normal keyboards that lack these features and that only do the main task for them.