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“Google Family” application protects your children from the dangers of the Internet

Google Family is a parental control app for people with children The app was launched by Google in 2017, you can get great benefits from controlling your devices using this app and it has a lot of great options to manage the usage of your kids phones.
“Google Family”  application protects your children from the dangers of the Internet

Today we shed light on the Google Family Link application and explain its features and how to set it up and control your children's phones.

Google Play Store includes many applications known as parental control, which provide parents with more utilities designed to protect children from the risks they may be exposed to when using phones or tablets connected to the Internet.

About Google Family

The “Google Family” application has been designed to help parents monitor their children who own smart devices. It is one of the most popular parental control applications; It includes many features that may help you track and check on your child by locating him via his smart device.

The Google Family app gives parents the ability to see all the apps their kids use, see their location, track their phone usage habits, control screen lock, and control the option to download or purchase games or apps from smartphone stores.

Google offers the Google Family app for free download for the Android and iOS smartphone operating systems, and it is available to parents with children under the age of 13.

What's the point of Google family?

  • Google Family app tools help parents limit the benefits of downloading apps to children; To prevent them from downloading specific apps.
  • The Google Family app provides parents with the ability to set a bedtime feature, which allows them to lock their children’s smartphones within set hours over consecutive days.
  • The Google Family app allows parents to set the total number of hours a child uses the smart device in a day.
  • Google allows parents to use the Google Family app to link their children's devices to the same Google account.
  • How to use the Google Family app:
  • Download the Google Family app from “Google Play” or “App Store”.
  • Create an account for your child and add his date of birth under the age of 13.
  • Link your child's phone account to the Google Family app.
  • The parental control app will prompt you to add the parents’ email.
  • Download the Google Family app on your device and add the information you entered on your child's phone, and the device will display a verification code to sync your phone with your child's phone.

How do I change permissions on Google family link?

After downloading and installing the Google Family Link for Parents application through the Google Play Store on your phone, open the application:

  1. A message will appear to you, is this phone for the father or for the son, so choose Parents.
  2. The next step, the application will ask you if your child has a Google account.
  3. The next step, the application will ask you to download the Google Family Link for children a
  4. pplication on your child's device and it will display the verification code and sync with the son's phone.

How To Set Up Google Family Link Parental Controls For Children

With the same previous steps, download the application for children on your son’s phone, and as soon as the download and installation process is completed, open the application and a window will appear with you through it follow the steps of clicking on the next until you reach a window asking you to enter the verification and synchronization code, here you only need Enter the code that appears on the father's phone, and after a short period of time, the verification process will be completed, leaving you only to complete the steps of the confirmation process by clicking on the Next button until the matter is completed.

Now you will have complete control over your son's phone and enjoy all the features of the application.