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10 Tips to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

how to you make the laptop battery last longer

10 Tips to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

The laptop has become one of the most important devices that cannot be dispensed with, as most university students rely on it in their studies. It is also necessary for the employee whose work is based on the use of the computer and not on his physical strength, and the use of the personal computer is not limited to scientific and practical uses, but many Many people use it as a means of entertainment and entertainment while sitting at home, as the computer is mainly used in medicine, science, health, education and many others.

How to conserve computer battery

There is a problem faced by many portable computer users related to the computer battery, and one of the most important reasons for a computer battery malfunction and its rapid exhaustion is the wrong use of it and the lack of knowledge of the correct methods that must be taken into account to maintain it and extend its life. Laptop battery:
  • Maintain the number of charging cycles: Design each computer with a battery that needs a certain number of charging cycles, usually 500, a charging cycle equals full discharge to zero percent and then recharging to 100%, discharging down to 50% and then returning to 100% equals Half a cycle, and over time each charge cycle reduces the battery's capacity, which means the fewer times it drains, the longer the battery life.
  • Discharging the battery: Discharging the battery completely, and then recharging it destroys the battery. It is best to charge the battery when there is 20% left in it, with recommendations not to keep the battery charged at 100%; Because this leads to greater battery consumption, however modern devices today are designed to stop charging when reaching 100%, so keeping it plugged in does not affect battery life.
  • Make sure to update the device: Updating the device helps improve the consumption of power consumed by the programs on the device, which gives the battery a longer life without changing anything.

Facts about the personal computer

The personal computer is easy to carry and light in weight, and the ability to connect it with external screens, keyboards or other electronic devices, so it is more suitable for use in classrooms, meetings and during travel. Among the most important facts about a personal computer, we mention the following:
  • The user should not place the computer directly on his feet, but should be placed on a flat surface such as; desk or table; Because the fans of the device need enough space to cool the device, otherwise the heat will rise and be damaged, and it may also harm the user by causing burns as a result of the high temperature.
  • The size of the computer screen determines the size of the device, the larger the screen size, the larger the device, and the more pixels in the screen, the higher its quality and clarity.
  • Most computers rely on lithium batteries, which have an average life of two to three years. If used regularly, the battery gradually and slowly loses its ability to charge during this period, and factors such as storage temperature and average charge can extend or shorten the life of a laptop battery.