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Why is my Internet connection so slow?

slow internet connection Problem and solutions

slow internet connection Problem and solutions

The problem of slow Internet is one of the most common problems faced by Internet users on a continuous or temporary basis, due to several reasons that can be addressed in different ways, and the Internet speed can be measured depending on the amount of upload or download data per second, and users care about the speed of their Internet to do many activities like; Browse social media and download

Music and follow TV broadcasts, and fast Internet enables them to follow video conferences or upload large files to a server or cloud. Internet speeds vary according to type and cost, a broadband connection provides a minimum download speed of 25 megabytes per second and a minimum upload speed of 3 megabytes per second, These speeds are a key measure to determine how slow or fast the Internet is, and DSL is the most prominent and widespread type of Internet service.

The speeds in it are less than 25 megabytes per second, and the dial-up connection is slow because it offers speeds of up to 56 kilobytes per second only, which is a very weak service that the user does not benefit from more than checking e-mail, and a good Internet speed reaches 25 megabytes per second or More than that, they are the speeds that enable the internet connection to do most of the activities without problems, and if you are looking for a really fast internet you will find it in the range over 100Mbps, which is essential if you want your internet connection to support many devices and users simultaneously.

The reason for slow of the Internet

Although there are many reasons for the slow of the Internet, the most important of them can be summarized as follows:

  • Not relying on an Ethernet wire to connect a computer to a modem, a wired connection is a closed system that can control the variables inside, and it performs better when it comes to the power of the Internet.
  • Using a low-cost router, which causes poor services, especially the Internet connection.
  • Not knowing the reality of internet speed due to not understanding the meanings of some of the terms associated with it, most notably the term megabytes per second.
  • The need for a higher streaming internet service due to the high number of people using your network, in addition to the nature of their online activities, browsing websites is very different from downloading videos or watching TV broadcasts.
  • Browsing crowded sites due to the high demand from Internet users is one of the reasons for the slow network, in which case you only have to wait or visit those sites at a later time.
  • The bad situation of the WIFI network, which is mainly due to the large area of ​​​​the house or the distance between the signal source and the receiving device.
  • Wi-Fi signal instability due to the large number of devices in the same place. Various electronic devices such as radios, televisions, monitors, etc. emit frequencies that may disrupt the stability of the Wi-Fi signal.
  • Programs consume the Internet in the background, especially games and programs that work with videos without you noticing them, which makes the network slow, so be careful to turn it off and check any other programs running in the background.
  • Your computer is exposed to viruses that steal resources and slow down your Internet speed, which requires that you install an effective antivirus and keep it up to date.

Best Ways to Deal with a Slow Internet Connection

Sometimes you may encounter the problem of slow internet, which forces you to search for solutions to bypass it, and among those solutions:

  • Determine the problem: by trying to connect to multiple websites and using more than one device to check if the slow Internet is related to a specific site on the network or the strength of the flow itself, you can also use more than one device to find out if the fault is from one of the devices or from the network, and if the cause If the internet on your device is slow, then you should fix it by restarting it or by running a malware scan.
  • Verify the speed of the Internet: by conducting a speed test through one of the websites concerned with this matter, as this process aims to enable you to know the actual performance of your Internet and compare it with the amount for which you pay the service provider, and it is necessary at this stage to make sure that all downloads are stopped Downloading and other activities to ensure more reliability in the results, and running the test more than once at spaced intervals makes you more aware of the problem with slow internet.
  • Restarting the router: This is enough to bypass what may appear on the network from stumbling or weakness, and in the case of more than one device, you must disconnect all devices from their power outlets for ten seconds before connecting them again.
  • Improve your WIFI signal: The Internet can be fine but the connection via Wi-Fi complains of disturbances due to the presence of too many devices connected to the Internet via the same signal, or the lack of coverage due to the large area of ​​the house and being away from the signal source.
  • Stop using the maximum power of the network: because it weakens when the Internet connection is shared by all the devices in the house and one of them downloads files that consume a lot of the network.