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Benefits of brisk walking for an hour a day

Benefits of brisk walking for an hour a day

Benefits of brisk walking for an hour a day

The benefits of brisk walking for an hour a day There is no doubt that brisk walking daily is an excellent exercise for losing weight and improving physical fitness, and it is known that the faster you walk, the more calories your body has to burn, but you have to remember that your weight plays a pivotal role in Determining the number of calories you will burn during an hour of walking, and in general, more about the benefits of brisk walking for an hour a day can be explained as follows :
  • Reducing cholesterol levels: A brisk daily walk not only leads to weight loss, but also reduces bad cholesterol levels and raises levels of good cholesterol, and it is known that lowering bad cholesterol levels will contribute to preventing your heart disease.
  •  Protecting you from diseases: Lowering cholesterol levels protects you from diabetes, high blood pressure, and lowers your chances of developing other diseases as well, and brisk walking will be a simple solution to prevent you from obesity in the first place, and walking may also be useful to prevent dementia, osteoporosis, and even depression
  • Additional benefits: Walking is known to have positive effects on mood, and walking regularly increases the quality of life and makes you feel more energetic.

How do I prepare myself for a brisk walk for an hour a day

here are a lot of equipment that you may need to prepare yourself for fast and long walks, including
  • Appropriate clothing: Thick sweaters may not be a good option if you are planning for a brisk walk that leads to heavy sweating, so it may be more appropriate to choose types of sweaters that are able to absorb sweat and breathe the skin, but remember that you should take into account the weather condition when choosing The right sweaters for you.
  • Appropriate shoes: It is better to choose suitable types of sports shoes for walking and to stop using normal or worn out shoes, which on the occasion increase more than your chances of being exposed to physical injuries while walking. of cotton, but of other materials that can absorb sweat; Cotton is known for its ability to retain perspiration, and this increases the chances of boils appearing on the feet.
  • Headgear: Headgear protects you from strong sunlight, and may protect you from raindrops in cold weather, and your ears will feel warm as well. It is worth noting that there are many shapes and types of headgear that contain attractive designs and colors that you can wear at night to reflect Light on the roads.
  • Waist pack: Many brisk walkers tend to wear a pack or small bag around their waist in order to keep their personal belongings inside. Including mobile phones, small water bottles and wallets as well.

Question and Answer

Is daily brisk walking with an electric treadmill also helpful?

Yes, definitely; In fact, walking using an electric treadmill is a more suitable option for many; Because this device can be used at home and without the need to go outside in bad weather, and you will be able to easily control the speed of the device and the degree of incline while you are in your place as well, and there is no significant difference between the health benefits that the electric treadmill brings to you and the benefits that you will reap when you walk Normal outdoors, but remember that walking outside may be more fun for some

an walking briskly for an hour a day help me lose weight?

There are many scientific studies that have seriously researched the issue of weight loss and walking, and the results of some of these studies came to confirm the existence of a relationship between increasing the duration of walking and losing weight. Calories, taking into account the presence of other factors that affect the burning of calories; As well as temperature and age, and there is no doubt that eating low-calorie diets will also increase the frequency of burning calories

Is it really enough to walk an hour a day?

Official health authorities advise that the time of performing sports activities per week should not be less than 150 minutes, or about 30 minutes per day, and this means that walking for an hour per day is sufficient to obtain the body’s need for physical activities

Is sunscreen necessary while walking?

Some experts describe walking without sunscreen as walking without shoes! This is because walking under the sun for a long time and without protection will lead to bad repercussions on the health of the skin in the long run